Gaijin Gunpla

This is the last part of the Hi-Resolution Model God Gundam build. After this I’ll be able to enjoy the articulation and posing ability Bandai is proud to show.

He’s pretty much done after the previous post though he lacks the skirt and his Core Lander.

To put his skirt together I need to sit him upright.

That’s because I need to put these on.

These ball joints attach to the rear skirt frame already included in the pre-built frame.

Those ball joints are used for the side skirts.

These include the piece that will be used to store the beam sabre handle.

Now for the front skirts and you’ll be putting some blue armour onto a frame part which then fits on a larger frame part and will then incorporate the white armour.

A second blue part goes on at this point.

To get these front skirts onto the, well, front you will need this frame part.

Pivot the torso back at the waist exposing enough space to slot that in.

Get those on and then you can make the center block.

For the rear the center block is made first.

Then blue armour goes onto a frame.

Then the frame pops onto the center block ball joint and white armour holds it in place.

When done, pop it on.

Now for the Core Lander. I’ll need to make some wings first. Two of these.

Two of these.

It needs thrusters!

Back to the wings. Differentiating right from left is done by which direction this small piece is attached.

That one piece then slots into the underside of the largest armour part of the the center.

Once they are secured in there you build the center around it.

Core Lander!

To join it to the G Gundam you need to pivot the cockpit 90 degrees.


Oh, don’t forget the beam sabres!

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  1. joshua wiley says:

    Quick question. Is this kit worth the price?? it looks fantastic and i heard it has good articulation. But is it worth the extra cost over getting a couple of good mg?

  2. Jarrod Herrington says:

    What I find amazing about this kit as I read through your build, is how the armor, in places like the torso, upper arms, and legs, looks like human muscles. I’ve built the older kits in the past, and it is a testament to the advance of technology. Not even the anime shows that level of detail. Could this quite possibly be the first Gundam with abs?

  3. Justin L says:

    How are the nub marks on this kit? Is it undergated?

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