Gaijin Gunpla

Now that the HiRM G Gundam is done I can turn my attention to the HG Penelope. There is quite a contrast between these two kits. One being small and full of details and the other being this huge thing!

A glance at the first page of the manual shows that there is more to the Penelope than meets the eye.

There’s the Penelope, the Flight Form, and the Odysseus Gundam somewhere in here.

Looks like fun. I’ll start at the beginning.

The first things you assemble are… well I’m not sure.

But they go in here.

These are meant to slide in and out.

I think you’re meant to have them out for now.

Then a frame part can attach.

Another frame part, which looks like the collar, is added along with the yellow chest vents.

And then the large blue armour, front and back, go on.

Add the neck and a small piece of red.

Then assemble the lower torso.

You’ve got two sections that can now be combined.

The eye sticker goes onto a very large red piece and on that same piece, at the top, you’ll place a second sticker.

Throw on the facemask and then drop the red part onto a yellow piece.

You can then put the sides on.

The V fin is made up of two pieces that attach to the blue part on his forehead.

Plug that on and then add the top white piece.

He looks insect-like, in my opinion.

I can set that aside and start on the arms. I’ll need two shoulders.

A sticker is involved.

This fits around the upper arm to make the shoulder unit.

Now for some elbow frame.

And the armour to go with it.

And then… these.

You join the blue parts together to make one piece that fits into a large white piece that looks similar to a forearm mounted shield.

Here looks to be some kind of arm.

It snaps on near the middle.

I’ll find out what it’s for later.

To complete the arm you place the very end of the frame into a white piece then close it with a second.

You can see how it will attach.

Add the hand and you’re good to go.

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