Gaijin Gunpla

Yes, I did say that I have a Hi-Resolution Gundam Astray Noir kit to build but that may have to wait a little longer because there’s a new HiRM kit now and it’s the Hi-Resolution Model God Gundam

I’m a big fan of the G Gundam with the HG version being one of my favourite High Grade kits and one I’ve spent extra time and effort on.

Those were the days.

The HiRM version looks like it will be able to do all the things I tried with the HG and more and look great doing it.

Lots details and plenty of articulation means this kit should be a lot of fun to play with.

The box is thinner than those of the two HiRM Astrays but that makes sense because the G is of smaller stature and will have smaller pieces.

And check out the ring they’ve included as well.

It features a totally new frame, partly due to its size and also to what they want it to do8

Notice that they’ve already got coloured armour around the waist area.

And you can see the bonus pair of hands is kept in this clamshell with the frame.

It still seems odd to me to see a kit of this detail and this price include such a small instruction manual.

I look forward to posing Mr. G like this.

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