Gaijin Gunpla

I’m all but done with the PG 00 Seven Sword/G, just some grippy hands and such to assemble before playing around with it and its many weapons. Instead of doing that I decided to sit down with the Hi-Resolution Model God Gundam and relax with some Netflix.

Is it called God Gundam or G Gundam? I think I’ll go with G.

As most Gunplars fans know by now, and if you’re new it was shown in the First Look post, the Hi-Resolution Models from Bandai come with a completed, high-quality frame onto which we add the armour.

I pulled this beautiful frame out of his protective packaging and got ready to go.

It was here I noticed these things.

And right away I’ll need this sticker.

That goes right on the chest.

Tricky to line up perfectly horizontal but take your time.

Also tricky to get into place, this yellow armour part.

After some pressure on it to get it to slot in properly I succeeded.

Then I flipped him over and added some of the blue armour parts.

There are two for the sides below the armpits and two more for the back of the torso.

The cockpit hatch has a triangular part that will swing on a hinge for the lower half.

That gives me this.

He needs his chest vents.

And these, which look to be shoulder weapons or something similar.

Once those are on I add the covers.

That completes the torso so I move onto the facemask.

Then add the armour for the sides of the head.

Like I did with the torso weapons I drop in the head vulcans.

Slide these down from above.

A couple more parts for the sides and also one for the crown of the head.

Now I’ve got two V fins, one large and one small, to connect to the clear green part for the top of the head.

That looks great.

The next page has you work on the arms and those both off the same way.

A frame part clips onto the white part that looks to be the cuff and then a cylindrical part is added.

Onto that you’ll add frame parts at the back.

Then cover those up with blue armour.

Now for some claws!

And some… smaller digits.

Pop the blue fingers onto ball joints first.

Then add the yellow ones.

You’ll have two identical forearms now.

It’s at this stage they differ though the parts are the same. Add a blue piece where the thumb is not, which depends on which hand you’re assembling.

Then construct the thumb and add it to the opposite side.


Two massive forearms!

This seems like a good place to take a break.

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  1. lupes says:

    Really love these hirm kits! This one is looking to be the best one yet in terms of posing too. My partner came up with some great ideas for the God Gundam and we might be doing a little group build with it when the two of us work through our backlogs more.

    The glossy finish that comes on the parts out of the box is darn nice, saves a lot of work (got some WIP stuff up on my blog for my HiRM Wing Zero- it’s back!) since the white goes so well with pieces already painted.

    Looking forward to more and hope you’re well buddy!

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