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I hope the title isn’t misunderstood. This isn’t the last WIP post for the PG 00 Gundam Seven Sword/G but it is the last WIP post for the Mobile Suit. After this we will see the weapons. A lot of big weapons.

This post concerns itself with the backpack and GN Drives. There are some large frame parts here.

You’ll need to line up the ring properly when putting it in place.

Those two contraptions will be where the GN Drives are inserted but they need to be attached to the backpack and that’s where this design comes in.

You’ll see that the frame part in the middle is meant to slide.

Add that to the big GN holder section.

You’ll add some side sections next.

Then add the largest armour part.

Now for the frame parts that will make up a movable armo.


Repeat the same process for the other side to make your pair.

Now a couple of these.

Plug them onto the main frame part for the backpack and include in there a PC part for the middle.

You’ll then join it to the even larger frame part.

That blue part will swing down to cover the PC piece.

Now for some thrusters which, for this PG, are made up of two parts and a PC ball.

The large blue parts are next.

Then a much smaller one.

Manual explains how to put it on correctly.

With the center complete you plug the arms on.

Plug that onto Mr. OO.

Backpack’s back, alright!

I notice that the GN Drive holders sit quite close to the shoulder armour.

You can create space there by pulling the GN drive out.

Now that the GN Drive holders are in place I guess I get to handle the GN Drives.

I’m ready with my batteries.

Opening the box gives me these.

I just remove the back and put the battery in its spot then close it up.

When putting the battery in and the cover back on the GN Drive lit up on its own.

Pushing the top inwards is the On/Off switch.

Now you need the.. um.. O Gundam GN Drive on one side and the Exia GN Drive on the other.

The difference is only the red part that goes on the bottom.


Now he finally looks like himself.

Now for all the weapons. I’m feeling weapons block already.

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