Gaijin Gunpla

The first part of the Hi-Resolution Model God Gundam build gave me a good taste of what this kit is about and I’m eager to keep going.

For that I have to finish the arms. Two armour parts complete the upper arm.

And then the elbow armour.

That’s right, elbow armour. I need to bend the elbow to expose a slot into which I insert the armour piece.

It’s tough to get a good angle to push it in and the shape isn’t one that is easy to push so I was wary of bending or breaking the tab right off.

I chose to shave some of the plastic off the tab to make it easier to insert.

With the upper arm (and elbow) done I get to add the giant forearm I completed last time.

Then I can make the hand.

The thumb is three parts!

I’ll go with the bunched fist for now.

Now for the shoulder. That’s done using two red parts; one front, one back.

With a white part at the top.

This white part is meant to lift up revealing some of the frame underneath.

I think it’s meant to raise more so I’ll come back to that.

To finish the shoulder a white piece goes on the front and, in the same spot at the back, a smaller red part is used.

I’ll just repeat the last few steps to make my left shoulder.

Now the legs.

Four armour parts will cover the upper leg.

Put the side parts on before the front and back parts.

For the shin, you’ve got to put two parts together before attaching it to the lower leg.

Then I’m instructed to bend the knee so I can slide the first armour part onto it.

Once on, you can straighten the leg and add the kneecap and armour parts for the side of the lower leg.

Now for this!

I have to pry off the very small piece of this material and place it on the bottom of the foot similar to what is done with PG kits.

You’ll repeat this for various areas of the foot.

Repeat for the other foot.

So far so good.

The back of the legs have some gold coloured parts included in the prebuilt frame.

These are highlighted by black parts that fits around them.

Also part of the prebuilt frame are two sections that swing out from the back of the legs.

You’ll use these to attach the rear armour.

The armour hooks onto that frame piece and then swings down.

For the feet you add several red pieces.

Then the single white part.

Then you’ll add the ankle armour. The first step to that is to add a black part onto a peg that sits atop the foot near the ankle.

Onto that black part you’ll slide a white piece.

And into each side of that white part you’ll plug in a peg that is found on the rear armour piece.

Almost there!

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