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Now we are getting to the Seven Swords part of the PG 00 Gundam Seven Sword/G! Mr. OO here has an abundance of weapons to assemble.

We start off with the biggest of them all, the GN Buster Sword II.

I’m going to need these big parts.

These are large enough that I need two parts just to make one parrt.

And these runners are used here too.

Add some pieces in before you join the two biggest together.

Flip the little arms down to close up the frame to its smallest state.

Opening them extends the piece in the middle. I’ll keep them up while I add some more frame parts near the centre.

From there the coloured parts start to be involved.

Now grab the largest part and insert the handle.

You’ll plug it into its spot on the underside.

Turn it over and you’ll see how it’s position when in use.

When not in use you’ll fold it down.

With that secure you’ve got more frame pieces to install.

This sits on the larger part and will be able to move.

And now for this runner which I completely forgot about and failed to notice much because it is transparent.

One of the transparent parts will sit on what you’ve got so far.

Wait there are two of them!

The other clear part sits atop the similarly shaped part.

More frame is then added. These two will move.

Add this point you add the handle which you assembled first.

Once in place close up the entire thing.

from here you’ll mainly be adding armour pieces.

The white parts are two of the same.

Look at this beauty.

That completes the GN Buster Sword II except for an LED unit which can be installed. I’ve yet to pick up the batteries needed for that but I can still show how it all works.

Coming up, more swords!

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  1. lupes says:

    That’s one good looking weapon! Still high-key wish the 00 7 Sword had the GN sword 3 instead of the GN sword blaster II or whatever they’re calling the not-as-cool-not-a-switchblade weapon. still! looking good, can’t wait to see it all together!

  2. Neat light piping. I’m curious. Would there be a noticeable difference if you paint those light piping parts with something glossy (silver perhaps)? Except for the points where the light needs to go in and out of course.

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