Gaijin Gunpla

Last time we got the biggest of the GN Swords out of the way but that is only one. Remember this guy is the PG 00 Gundam Seven Sword/G.

Next one, or two rather, are the GN Sword II and we’re building the two handles.

That circular piece you see there is, you guessed it, from the Poly-cap runner.

The hard frame parts come from these runners.

I also need some green clear parts.

That green part and its accompanying frame pieces sit inside along with a piece that will fit around the PC piece.

Prepare the opposite side in much the same way.

You’ll insert a cylindrical part through the center of the hinge.

A blue hand guard is then prepared.

It will attach to the bottom.

Note how they become fold up.

And now, I guess I’m assembling the base of the blades.

And also the tip.

Then you have all you need…

…for the GN Sword II Short!

The second of the one you’re working on now is, for obvious reasons, called the GN Sword II Long.

With those done you are continuing on building two of something known as GN Katars.

These have a fair-sized clear green piece at the start.

You’ll place that inside the blue piece and include a frame part.

From there it differentiates the right from the left but the only difference is which way you’ll place in the sliding frame part, which is actually two parts joined together.



The pair.

The last one is another big one, the GN Sword II Blaster. Wait, is it a sword or a blaster. Wait, why do I want clarification. I can believe it can be both. I’m a big fan of the Gunblade.

It’s quite big.

Prepare the other side.

It gets a Poly-cap piece and a green part as well.

Make that two green parts.

Why not join them together.

Add the frame part for the tip and a blue piece for a handguard.

Here’s a better shot of the handle.

You’ll add a secondary handle as well.

There’s the set.

I count six.

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  1. Cloudrunner62 says:

    You forgot about the beam sabers. They count as 2’of the seven swords and the GN Blaster is the /G part, G standing for gun.

  2. BTJ says:

    Don’t forget the 2 beam sabers, so 8

  3. Raymond Serville says:

    I don’t think the sword blaster counts for the ‘seven swords’, the 2 beam sabers do though, which makes a total of 7 weapons with the seven swords….. or 8 adding the extra weapon. Eight Swords doesn’t sound as good though

  4. Paul Emical* says:

    Hi Syd,
    this is the Seven Sword/G variant, so in addition to the seven swords of the “normal” version:
    – GN Buster Sword II
    – 2x GN Katar
    – GN Sword II Long
    – GN Sword II Short
    – 2x beam sabers

    it has the Sword II Blaster.

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