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My PG 00 Gundam Seven Sword/G needs hands!

And that means I pull out the hand runner.

Two pieces from which make up a thumb.

Now things get interesting. You are meant to build the hands by putting fingers onto the hand base while still on the runner. So first add the new thumb and a piece that you’ll need to attach completed fingers to.

I’ll need to keep that piece on the base by putting another on top.

You know what else is interesting about the fingers and thus the hands? That they are the same as those of the PG Strike Freedom.

The first and third joint of each finger is kept on the runner while the the middle portion connects to both joining all together to make one finger. Then it is cut off and attached to the hand.

Once all fingers are on you add the peg and armour.

Plug that onto the arm and it’s looking mighty… mighty.

The shoulders are simple in comparison.

There are two frame parts to join and fit into the armour for one side. Then you’ll join the sides together around the center frame part and add the top armour.

Then you put both on your PG OO like this.

Or so it should be. I find it difficult to hold things in the correct position while applying the appropriate amount of pressure.

Instead what I did was disassemble the should completely and plug the center frame part onto the peg. Then I pulled the top part of the arm off and pushed that onto the peg to hold that frame part in one position.

Then I added the rest of the arm.

And at that point I built the shoulder on around the one frame part completing it.

This happened during the process and needed to be addressed.

A quick, second, disassembly and reassembly and it was done.

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