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Iron-Blooded Orphans has been gone a few years now.

And yet, Bandai is still releasing kits for it. Well, releasing different grades of the main suit the Barbatos. Four years ago I was in the middle of a Barbatos binge. There was the HG Barbatos and its variations, the Lupus and Lupus Rex. There was that ‘new line‘ of 1/100 kits from which I built the regular Barbatos and the Lupus. Then there was really a new line, or new grade rather, that Barbatos kicked off the Hi-Resolution Models (which, so far, have been pretty awesome).

And now there’s the MG Barbatos. Do we really need another 1/100 scale Barbato…

Holy crap, look at that box art!

I missed you, Barbatos!

Underneath that beautiful lid are all the parts.

There are the gold and silver parts.

I was interested in these when I saw the images of the Barbatos frame.

I’ve seen the Barbatos frame plenty of times now so these images aren’t blowing my mind or anything like that but I was glad to see that Bandai included the silver/gold parts in this kit to make the frame similar to what we saw with the HiRM frame.

There are three bags of frame parts here.

I don’t expect this build to be overly complicated but for someone like myself, who fell in love with the MG line because of the frame component of the kits, this pleases me.

There are also plenty of markings here.

Some of these seem very Katoki-like. Of course, the guide for all of these is found in the…

Instruction Manual.

This isn’t a fat MG box but due to colour separation of runners the runner list does seem pretty decent and the build should be interesting.

The manual has an image of the frame highlighting the silver/gold parts.

Then there are the aforementioned markings.

I just picked this up from the post office today so it shall become my first kit of 2020!

Happy New Year everyone!

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  1. Dev says:

    The Barbatos looks amazing ??. Will have to wait for at least two months before i get my hands on this piece. BTW Happy New Year Syd. May you keep building and reviewing gunpla.

  2. Sablenk87 says:

    Bandai is going crazy with MG Barbatos inner-frame, it’s better and more detailed than HiRm, I wish there’s a MG inner-frame with HiRm armor Barbatos really.

    • Stephen Lee says:

      I suspect some 3rd party will make a metal inner frame based on this; kind of like what was offered for MG freedom v2, justice and providence

      • stelios says:

        The barbatos frame is polycap-less with lots of pistons, I doubt 3rd parties will bother making so sophisticated metallic frames for these kits. The ones used in freedom, justice, providence 2.0 where created for eliminating the joint breakage which occured due to the soft ps plastic frame used originally. Thus I still love my sinanju and any abs frame mg i’ve made to date.

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