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It’s been a while since I handled the MG Gundam Dynames with the last WIP post being back in April. That’s a long gap. Usually my reviews come very shortly after completion of the kit and I find it an odd feeling sitting down to write a review over six months after last this one. Will my feelings and thoughts about a kit be different now after a relatively lengthy period of time compared to had I been reviewing it back then? One thing I’m able to report though is that I’m glad I came back to this and have it in my hands, and on my review table, again.

Overall Look: 8/10

What a unique looking Mobile Suit. That is saying something when you consider the other MS in the OO Gundam lineup. Edges and angles, everywhere. That’s the main takeaway when taking in the Dynames.

Certain areas I like are the gaps between the armour panels, a good example being the upper leg.

You can also see the transparent strips in the legs, elbows, and forearms.

And many of the things that make him look interesting have functions, which will be talked about later.

Overall, however, I think I prefer the look of the other 00 Gundam suits such as the Exia or OO. Maybe there’s just too much going on here for me. Or too much booty!

Colors: 9/10

No blue? No problem. In many ways the colour scheme matches the style of the MS perfectly. He’s rather unorthodox looking and the colours that represent him are as well, in the Gundam world anyways. He’s predominantly green but there is enough white to act as a balance and them the yellow and red add more personality. I probably would have liked Dynames more if they used more than one shade of green but he looks good regardless.

Weapons: 10/10

Here are more distinct things that align perfectly with the Dynames motif. Unconventional look. Unconventional colours. And unconventional weapons, the primary one being the Sniper Rifle.

It is designed really well and will take me some time to detail it all. I’ll start by saying I love the length and slimness of this weapon.

A secondary handle sits alongside the left of the body of the rifle which swings down when in use.

The way the scope is designed it can swivel to either side presumably allowing it to be held in either hand.

The grip fits the molded hand perfectly and is very secure.

To help with holding that long weapon an arm found at on the stock swivels in both directions and slots in an opening on the forearm.

There we go.

There is more to write about but that will come later. Right now, let’s try off the ‘sniper pose’.

Okay. Dynames looks a little awkward here. Let’s just stow this weapon for now.

This is done by taking the little edges found on the underside of the rifle and inserting them into the appropriate hollows found on the front of the shoulder.

The secondary weapon the Dynames carries on his person are the two GN Beam Pistols. These are housed in containers on the outside of Dynames’ legs. The containers open and reveal the pistol grip for the Dynames to take.

Disclaimer: It’s here I noticed that I put these on the wrong legs and therefore they are upside down. I also realized that all the pictures I had taken up until this point would show them on the wrong way but I already had dozens of photos and starting from the photography from scratch would take up more time than I had. Thus some of the images will have these on correctly and some will not.

This is wrong.

This is right.

This container can be taken off the leg if you so decide.

Beam Sabres make an appearance with the handles being stored on the sides of, uh, his butt.

There is a groove into which the handle will sit and when it is needed the handle can swing out.

Articulation: 10/10

Some may think that the Dynames, with its two large mounted GN Shields, would suffer a bit in the articulation department but that’s not the case. For the most part the Dynames moves wonderfully.

This is accomplished thanks partly to the great movement he has in the legs and hips.

Look at that spread and his feet are flat on the floor. This is thanks to a very good range of motion in the ankle.

Actually, he stands better with the legs apart and the weight slightly off the feet than he does standing straight up. The feet are slightly too small and with two point of articulation to them I found Dynames tipping when trying to get him to stand normally.

The shoulders are quite smalls so they don’t hinder the Dynames in any way when you want to raise his arms up above his head and there is also good bend to his elbow allowing you to see the GN strip completely.

His head tilts to both sides and bends forward more than you’ll see in most kits. If you are worried about the two yellow fins getting in the way, don’t worry, they can fold down.

To hold that giant Sniper Rifle effectively he’s going to need to have his arms in many positions and he does just that thanks to the way the torso is designed. You can move the arms rearward significantly thanks to sections of the torso opening up.

There’s more articulation to be discussed, that of the GN Shields, but I’ve been saving that for the next section.

Build Design: 10/10

The previous sections highlighted just how well this kit is designed and now I’m going to expound on that even more. Those large GN Shields, found on each shoulder, can move from the sides to the front by expanding the frame found on top of the shoulder and swiveling it forwards.

Swing both around and his shields almost completely cover his body.

Is anyone else reminded of the Deathscythe Hell when looking at this?

The GN Shields are comprised of several panels which can move independently allowing different configurations. You can swing out only the bottom two panels and make him look like this.

Or, like the manual shows, you can swing out only the middle panel and allow only his hands to come out.

This is meant to be the way he blasts you away with his pistols but I prefer to think he’s pulled his hands out of his pockets to flash you two thumbs up.

The articulation in the GN Shields allows them to be moved out sideways and at angles that resembles wings.

Speaking of blasting you with weapons, did you know the Dynames has 24 GN Missiles. According to the manual,

The MS is equipped with 16 barrels in the waist front armour and four more on each knee for a total of 24 barrels.

Here’s the front armour that sentence is referring to.

Each of those four panels you see opens independently.

There’s a lot of articulation even here.

And those big knees, we now know, house the missile launchers

When the knees open the missile launchers pivot out.

What if I open everything?!

Cockpit hatch opens.

That’s just the front. The back has a gimmick in the, uh, butt. Open up the thrusters there and they will extend outwards.

The back also has the hatches that hold in the GN Drive.

With those open you can pull out the GN Drive.

This GN Drive design is the same as those in older OO MG kits which means it can use the Bandai LED.

I think I may have one somewhere. In a box. In a bigger box. Down in the storage locker. Moving on.

Fun Factor: 9/10

I built this kit months ago so talking about how enjoyable it was is kind of awkward. That said, I do remember, as I was assembling it, this feeling of discovery as much of what I was encountering was new or a unique experience for me. I don’t often have those feelings after building so many of these models. I also found myself having a good time as I took it back out of the box and handled it for the first time in a while. Much of that feeling I had while assembling came back. It’s a different kind of animal.

I did experience frustration with the small feet and was only satisfied with it when I was putting it in the action poses.

Good thing it is very good at those.

Extras: 8/10

Plenty of markings are there for you to add a level of depth to the Dynames not many get.

And the pilot figure is here, of course.

The adapter for the stand is something I’m sure everyone will make good use of with this kit.

Those white rods you see are extensions for the bipod of the Sniper Rifle.

You’ll pop off the tip of the smaller bipod legs and attach the extensions.

And something I was very excited to discover had to do with the hands.

Ever get confused whether the fingers you’re holding are for a right or left hand?

Wonder no more!

Bandai has a new design here with the tab that sticks out of the hand, which will plug into the hand base, is slightly off center the direction depending on whether it’s a left or right hand.

This means that only the right fingers will fit onto the right hand and likewise only left fingers go on the left.

It’s so simple yet so effective. Well done!

I’m happy to describe this kit for you and also happy that the readers of this site were pretty adamant that I should do so. It would have been easy enough for me to leave it in a box and move on to the next kit but many people wanted to see a review of it and, not wanting to disappoint, I pulled it out and rediscovered what is so special about it. It may not be my thing, in terms of looks, but it definitely is when it comes to design.

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  1. donn says:

    those big part pieces of the booty should be below and not on top. 🙂

  2. Trevor Engbers says:

    Just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for all the wonderful coverage and reviews you provide here. You breakdown of kits is incredibly detailed and helpful, and has been great guidance for my purchases and builds as I enter this hobby.

    Keep up the great work!

  3. Anon says:

    Not a really big deal but I noticed that you had the butt boosters upside down. I believe you should swap the left and right sides so that the bigger green part is at the bottom, if that makes sense.

    Otherwise, great detailed review as always!

  4. Damian says:

    Such a shame you aren’t fan of the design, Syd, but it’s wonderful that after some months, you still find the kit enjoyable.
    You also put the butt thrusters up side down btw. The larger portions, with the beam saber, are supposed to be under

  5. lupes says:

    Great looking kit, even right OOB! I really enjoyed the NG 1/100 and this thing has been on my list for awhile. Nice to see it avoids the problems that befell the MG Exia all those years ago. Love the blue cameras and how Bandai did the red parts on the v-fin, too!

  6. Savvimaple says:

    Great review! I hope they make Kyrios next.
    I’m a fan of transforming mobile suits somewhat.

    Glad you are still reviewing Gunpla!

  7. GN republix says:

    Hey Syd, just wondering should i pick MG barbatos, MG dynames, or RG Sazabi, all of them look great, if you were me what would you buy?

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