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Well, the family has been back for two weeks now and I’m exhausted. There’s a lot to do with young children around. I haven’t done any building and, maybe worse, I haven’t been able to sit down to write about the builds I did do during their absence. But tonight I find myself with the time to continue writing about the HG Penelope. That time is found while doing multiple loads of laundry because the youngest vomited after we put him to bed. He doesn’t like to sleep alone.

So while my partner sleeps with him I’m doing laundry having finished cleaning up that unpleasantness.

How’s that for the start of a WIP post?

Almost a month ago I wrote about the start of the Penelope build so now I can finally continue.

Upper body is complete and so I start on the lower body and that means feet.

Nothing crazy here. Just a frame part to snap onto the white piece that is the front half of the foot and then the part for the heel goes on.

Then add the sole of the foot and another piece to finish up the top.

The legs are next and these involve large frame parts for the knees into which you’ll insert the frame for the upper leg and a small frame part which is the start of the lower leg.

Apply the upper armour and the trim for the sides of the knees.

You’ll then continue with the lower leg by grabbing two large armour pieces, inserting the ankle joint frame part, and some yellow trim.

From there add the piece for the rear of the lower leg and a frame part and armour part for the knee.

But your leg isn’t done!

There are more parts to be added at the bottom.

That large part snaps onto a bar on the bottom of the leg and is then secured by a matching piece joining it from below.

With two of those in place you can attach the foot.

And also add the hip joint which is made up of two frame pieces.

Does that foot remind you of a Zeta? It does me at that angle.

Those are two big legs.

I’ll need a waist.

Hence these waist frame parts which I am showing now.

You need to add a frame part which has the ball joints for the leg connections into the underside of the frame.

Seemed odd to me that this wasn’t secured better but then I realized that your Penelope, or Odysseus, Gundam is going to either be standing, which will push weight down onto that frame piece or on a stand which will push it upwards. I guess I don’t need to worry about it coming off.

Front skirts go on as well as the center block which has a hatch.

Yup, a crotch hatch.

Rear skirts are much larger and have matching frame and armour parts.

I’ll pop on my legs.

Then the side skirts.

And there I have a Gundam which is not yet a Penelope.

I hope to have more time to write though not under these same circumstances, of course. I’d like to have the Penelope WIP done soon as I have a little bit of a Christmas present arriving any day now.

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