Gaijin Gunpla

Wait! That’s not a Gundam!

This is factually correct. Sure this site is called Gaijin Gunpla but I dabble in other things as evidenced by the Other Projects section of the site. These other projects are almost always scale models of some kind but now I’ve got something else I can add to that grouping, Lego.

I grew up with Lego. Played it all the time. In fact one of my earliest memories of the beloved blocks is getting the Lego Castle set.

I don’t remember much about it but I do remember the parapets, the soldiers, and the drawbridge. Apparently this released in 1978. I was four at the time.

My father and I would sit at the kitchen table, pour out a big tub of blocks, and build. Being so young I would often copy what he did and he was quite the builder (he loved model trains and would build his own layouts).

I grew up and moved away and didn’t touch Lego much after that. I was too busy trying to adult. When my family went to Japan, without me!, for almost 10 weeks I found myself with free time. And I used it to do things I couldn’t do with them here. I built a 1000 piece puzzle. And I decided I’d build some Lego, too. I went to my local Target and looked on the shelves and eventually decided on the Technic Chevrolet Corvette ZR1.

I wanted something complicated but not too crazy. Something I could pick at while doing other things and get through in several hours of build time.

The Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 is # 42093 and 579 pieces. That’s a decent way to get back into building with blocks. It also has an engine with moving pistons and a steering mechanism. Just my thing.

I’m not going to do a detailed WIP but rather a bit of a pictoral essay so readers can see it coming together. There are far better, more detailed, sites out there regarding Lego you can check out if you want in-depth writeups.

There are the box contents. 579 parts! And stickers!

Interesting. I may leave those off the first time I build this.

A manual that shows some things in 1:1. That is helpful!

Here we go!

And there we have it, a Corvette ZR1.

It felt so good building Lego again. To put small piece to small piece and watch something large and complex take shape. That same feeling is found in Gunpla and just like with Gunpla once I built one I wanted more. You’ll see.

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  1. Harold says:

    My first LEGO kit was in 1983. My first gunpla was a licensed version around 1986, back when you had to glue them together. I like both for different reasons but I find that they have largely become similar, with both moving more towards displaying completed builds without glue.

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