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Well, my family is back from Japan! Finally! After 10 weeks of living alone I finally have the people dearest to me back within hugging distance. 10 weeks is too long.

Some may remember the post I wrote just before they left about what I intended to do during my lengthy free time. This is the follow up post to show what I actually did do.

In Gunpla terms you can see the PG 00 Seven Sword/G is done.

I’ve got some little odds and ends to do such as the weapon grabbing hands but other than that this big boy is built. It’s a solid kit though I find the locking mechanisms in the shoulders difficult to get at sometimes. I do want to get some better photos of the kit and its weapons but it was set aside to work on another big release.

There’s the HiRM God Gundam, or G Gundam if you prefer. It’s a really good kit and a worthy addition to the HiRM lineup. In fact, it may be the best of all, though I still have two to get to. I really enjoy how he looks and what he’s capable of. I also still have to break out his orange glowing hands and get some great action shots that this kit is capable of.

There’s the HG Penelope. You can see it is built though I’m still about halfway through the WIP. I would have had that WIP completed but the last couple of weeks of my holidays I did spend considerable time cleaning up the house (and covering up any trace of all the fun I had during my time to myself). Don’t worry. The rest of the WIP is coming.

Realizing that not only did I have free time but I had free time in a child free environment I went and picked up something I haven’t been able to enjoy for some years now.

A Lego set! Not only a Lego set but a Technic set, the more advanced Lego kits. This here is the Corvette ZR1. The temptation to build something like this was great and this was on sale so, well there it is.

It’s got working steering and an engine with moving pistons. I took some pictures of this while putting it together so don’t be surprised if you see some WIP type stuff here.

After building that I had the fire for Lego, though maybe not the same budget, and so I went for something a little smaller.

Another car. I really like automobiles, hence the ZR1 above, and this little Mclaren Senna is a neat little set at a very affordable price.

It comes with a driver/mechanic and a wind tunnel. It looks quite good for one of the simpler sets. I feel like I’m 12 years old again. I would build Lego every day with my father. I think that enjoyment of building, started in me so young, is one of the main reasons I do Gunpla today.

Not shown on the table because I picked it up shortly after I took that picture.

I guess I enjoyed the Mclaren Senna so much I had to have another just like it. This one is a Chevrolet Camaro Race Car. I had it built and then disassembled and put back in the box before the family returned, with a few days to spare.

Also not pictured on that table, because it took up the entire table, a 1000 piece puzzle. Yup. Realizing that I was child free for a significant chunk of time I enjoyed another pastime I haven’t since my youth. Puzzles. Over the course of two weeks I had all the pieces spread across the table and each evening after work I would move some pieces around while watching Netflix.

I watched a fair amount of Netflix.

I subbed to Netflix before the family even left hoping to watch some Japanese movies and television though the Netflix offerings are pretty slim. Instead I watched things like Disenchantment, Bojack Horseman, and a few other things. I would watch as I did the puzzle, built Lego, and built Gunpla. There was a lot of TV happening.

But a lot of my TV time did not involve Netflix and also didn’t involve building something.

Modern Warfare dropped October 25th so much of my Gunpla building was done by then and a good thing that is because I played a lot of this game. I haven’t been able to game with ASM for several years now but when this released we partied like it was 2014 all over again. I busted out my Turtle Beach headphones and just like old times we ran headlong into the fray, him with his SMGs and me, slightly more conservatively, with my beloved Assault Rifles. We managed to get the Gold Camo on several weapons such was the effort we put in. I had two hours each day on him due to the time zone difference so I racked up the levels earlier but he caught up quickly. We crushed many a match with our skillz and communication. And we raged hard when neither of those two things was working.

And then, on November 8th, came this.

Death Stranding. A Hideo Kojima game. The Hideo Kojima game. To be honest, I didn’t really know much about it. I hadn’t watched any of the trailers or followed any of the hype but I did have time for myself. And when I have that kind of time I want to get lost in a good story (did I mention I read two novels? I read two novels.) Last year a similar situation occurred; family in Japan, me not, and I was able to get lost in the world of God of War. It was an amazing experience and I consider it one of the best I’ve had with a game. I wanted a chance to feel that again this year and Death Stranding did not disappoint.

The graphics are amazing, the gameplay unique and right up my alley (logistics!), the soundtrack spectacular, and the world building amazing. The story hits hard in many places and I loved it. I would have platinumed this game if I wasn’t also rocking Modern Warfare at the same time. I’m still thinking about it now, a couple weeks after finishing the story, and I won’t be surprised if I want to write about it here so I can continue to be involved with it even though my time with the game is significantly diminished. I told the missus that while she was away with the kids, our babies, I took care of a baby myself; little BB.

I didn’t know anything about the game but I took a chance with it and I’m glad I did.

I also, finally, got down to writing the MG Dynames review albeit with an error or two, butt that’s forgiveable given the amount of time that passed before I got it done.

Things are back to normal now, relatively, and it’s December. Normally a big kit would drop which would get my Gunpla juices flowing but this year there’s no PG or massive kit. There is an MG Barbatos coming this month that I hope to get my hands on. I’ve still got plenty of kits to build even without that one. If only I had more free time…

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  1. Darth Mingus says:

    Hey Syd,

    Glad the family is back safe and sound and I hope you guys are not affected by the massive brush fires like some of my friends in Sydney. Have a happy holidays and all the best in the new year. Looking forward to the MG Barbatos build and review.

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