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The big question, for me anyway, with the MG Barbatos isn’t ‘Why are they releasing it now?‘ after the anime has been finished for some time but rather ‘Why are they releasing it at all?“.

We have so many IBO 1/100 kits and and it was the Barbatos that kicked off the HiRM line so it’s not like we are short a detailed 1/100 Barbatos. I do concede that it makes sense to have a protagonist MS included in the Master Grade line but I’m now interested in what makes this 1/100 Barbie tick.

The first image in the instruction manual seems to indicate that you can have two variations of the kit; naked frame and armoured up.

Other sections of the manual support this.

Note the text at the bottom here.

There are stickers for the frame. That instantly means I won’t be armouring this guy until my frame time is finished. That’s usually they way I like to build MG kits (when time permits).

The first two parts slot together and then one is turned to lock it in.

That will then be inserted into this circular part.

It’s interesting to compare in my head this build with the 1/100 IBO kits. With those you are given frame pieces but they’re usually larger and made to look like there are moving parts. Here there are many smaller pieces making up the frame and some of them do indeed move.

Or appear to move. Here’s the runner I was excited to see.

One of these rods will fit into the frame section we’re currently building.

The manual is specific on how the circular piece needs to be facing.

Now repeat for the other side.

A lot of frame parts have been used so far and we’re not even finished the torso here. I’ve only got two sides for the torso. Here’s how they’ll eventually connect together.

The Barbatos has the very distinct look of having one small central pole as the frame for the mid-section. In the MG that is made up of the four parts shown here.

This will be joined to one side by plugging it in at the bottom. You’ll also be inserted another tube horizontally.

You are informed it must be inserted a certain way and there is a very small arrow recessed into the part to help with that.

(Unfortunately, it is quite difficult to photograph.)

With the tube inserted you can plug the other side of the torso on and complete the man area.

Note that silver peg sticking out the back at the top.

To continue I’ll need these two runners.

Wait, am I missing a part or is only one of them used in the build so this part wasn’t included in the kit?

Oh, here it is.

Whether or not this second part will be used remains to be seen.

One of the parts on these runners will cover that silver peg at the top.

The peg will then swing down and click into place.

One piece from each of the runners will fit onto the silver pegs at the bottom of the torso.

To hold those in place you fit on this part.

Now for gold!

The very recognizable piece for the chest is put onto a frame part that will make up the top of the torso.

Usually what is the first part of an MG build is only now happening with the MG Barb build.

Hello, old (young) friend.

Put the pilot into his seat and then a second part will pivot over.

The cockpit is then inserted into that large top frame piece from below.

I just noticed something.

On none of the runners in this kit is it indicated it is for the MG Barbatos. Instead they are all designated MG Gundam Frame. How generic!

The silver rods at the top of the sides of the torso are dealt with next.

The neck is assembled next and it included a silver piston as well.

And also the piece that I had lost from that second B runner. My question answered!

Snap that on at the top and there will be the piston jutting out.

I’m sure it won’t be like that for long.

There you go.

More small frame parts are added to both sides.

Two of these will secure the pistons sticking out each side of the torso.

That’s a decent looking torso frame. And an intricate build to boot.

I could armour it now.

Nah. It’s simple enough I can come back to it anytime.

Skipping the armour I have time for the (unarmoured) head.

The part that connects to the neck isn’t something I think I’ve seen before.

The only green piece on the entire kit is what makes up the eyes.

And they want me to use a sticker to cover that up?

Not today.

I’ll add that face to the head frame and call it a night.

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  1. Trevor Engbers says:

    I’ve really been looking forward to seeing this build. Especially because I just found out I’m getting the kit as a gift soon!
    And, well, it doesn’t disappoint. The frame looks so fun and complex to build already, and like you I want to just build the frame first, so it’s really nice to see it’s designed with that thought in mind.

  2. Stephen says:

    Very keen on your overall thoughts on this. Many of the images and builds I’ve seen it make it look like the definitive 1/100 Barbatos. Hopefully the frame runner is a sign of future IBO MGs.

  3. lupes says:

    the MG frame for this is sooooo much nicer and more involved than the FM kits. It’s bound to be that way when comparing an MG and a HG but the detail and construction of the MG is staggeringly good. It’s definitely next on my list after I finish the Rex!

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