Gaijin Gunpla

My HG Penelope isn’t yet a Penelope. I believe he’s still in his Odysseus phase.

Well, I’m going to change that now!

[Editor’s note: This change happened weeks ago.]

First comes the footwear.

You’ll assemble some red parts and then they will be put on the Gundam.

Those make him look very disproportionate. Let’s keep going and change that.

This should do that.

These big things are meant for the legs. They will need thrusters.

They sit inside a larger white part which connects to what you’ve just done.

You’ll make more of these white/yellow contraptions.

Connect them altogether.

You’ll end up with this monstrous thing which then is attached to the lower leg.

There is still more work to be done on the lower half of the kit so we move on to these pieces. They’ll join together to make the center.

Then more parts are added.

That will give you this main area.

For the left and right skirt you need one large frame part along with its accompanying armour piece.

The sides connect via ball joint.

Let’s get him ready.

No puns here.

With the crotch hatch open you can connect that huge front.

The bottom half is finished so we’re on our way to the top now, baby!

Stickers on the blue piece.

Join it to the white section you just assembled.

Next you’ll move back to using frame parts.

This double joint compacts to its smallest shape.

You’ll assemble a twin to this one and attach both to the back end of what you’ve just put together.

To get it on the Gundam you need to pull out the arms and fold up the V fin.

That beak-like thing should then drop on overtop.

Use these.

Then a sticker for that.

Another sticker down here.

Place a red part around it.

You’ve now got this.

Take two more large armour parts and put them around a much smaller frame part.

Then with these, do this.

You then should have all of these.

You’ll lay one of the fins into, well, something that also looks like a fin.

Then place a smaller fin into a groove just below the connection.

Close it up with the parts for the opposite side and you’ve got this.

This is pretty long. It gets longer!

Still work to do on it, though.

You’re adding the parts needed to connect it to the Gundam.

Now seems like a good time to think about thrust.

Frame parts make up some kind of connection.

Those seem kind of small for a job like this. They will insert at the top.

Yellow and red go together to make…

Um, coloured parts that fit into the underside of a large white part?

Next bit of colour is done by way of a sticker.

And a small blue sticker fits on the opposite side.

The parts just keep on coming.

And so do the stickers.

These slot in to a larger white part at an angle.

Here is an interestingly shaped red part and the white part it is shaped to go around.

Add that to what you’ve got so far.

Then add that to the bigger what you’ve got so far.

This thing is massive.

Guess I need to figure out how these all go on the Gundam.

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    you forgot the clear parts on the bird head.

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