Gaijin Gunpla

Yes, Gunpla Expo has once again come to Sydney, Australia!

I also am in Sydney, Australia.

The actual location is the Westfield Shopping Centre in Chatswood. Back in 2018 when the first Expo rolled through I worked in Chatswood. I no longer work in Chatswood but I do transit through there on my commute so this morning I took a detour and checked out the Expo before the event start time. This gave me an Expo to myself. I felt like a VIP.

Then I walked up and saw the real VIP!

This guy is huge and looks glorious. What an attention-grabber. A great way to attract people who may not know what Gunpla is. Also attractive, as you see behind him, tonnes of Gunpla!

That gets the juices going.

I only had a quick minute to take in the displays so I started on one side and worked my way around, snapping pics of the things that interested me.

There’s the non-Gunpla stuff. I can appreciate these kits though they aren’t Gundam related. But one section was related to the thing I love almost as much as Gunpla (or more, depending on the day).

A smattering of Bandai’s Star Wars kits. I’ve been out of Japan for almost three years now so I don’t get to see these very often. I do have a sizable Star Wars section on this site and would like to add to it but giant robots come first.

The display right next to that had what I was looking for.

Yes, that’s the Perfect Grade Perfect Strike Gundam, a kit that is due out this February. It was exhilarating to see it before my eyes. The PG Strike Gundam is actually one of the smaller PG kits/boxes but this guy is a monster.

Be February already!

Here’s someone I recently became familiar with.

The PG OO Seven Sword/G. He cuts an imposing figure as well but the Perfect Strike overshadowed him.

The next display had various version of Grandpla.

Grandpla. Get it? That is genius. I’m copyrighting that right now! No one steal it!

My favourite version of Grand daddy is the RX-78-2 ver 3.0 and I’m happy to report he made the trip.

The display after Papa contained recent Master Grades.

Whoa, Nelly!

This is the MG FAZZ Ver Ka also arriving in February. Man, February will be the killer of many wallets out there.

Also in that MG case the MG Barbatos, a kit I am actually working on right now.

No, I really am. I’ve got frame built and pictures to edit. It’s coming! He looks good here.

The next case that I was drawn towards was the one everyone comes to see, the event kits!

Oh, there is some good stuff here!

Check out the twins!

Both of those are amazing kits regularly and seeing Gentei versions of them got my mouth watering.

This monster will cost a pretty penny, I’m sure.

The colours on this Gentei MG may be the best of the clear kits at the event.

But if I were to splurge on an event kit it would probably be this one.

Mmm, mmm, mmm.

The 30 Minute Missions display featured some fantastic weathering courtesy of WeatheredAz.

And then they had my favourite Grade, the RG’s, and two of the best kits ever.

Not wanting to be late for work, I allotted myself about 10 minutes to take in as much as I could. I then said goodbye to the Bouncer and headed off.

I’ll likely drop in again during event hours to see the crowd. If you’re in Aus and are going to this, and you see me there, feel free to say Hi. Then talk me down from buying all those limited kits!

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    Goodness, I was there first thing as well, i must have just missed you!

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