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It may be an HG kit but the HG Penelope is quite large and it feels like I’ve been working on it for months. In actuality, I was able to assemble it relatively quickly it’s just the sitting down to write about it that is taking the time.

This post, however, should wrap up the WIP build.

The previous Penelope post left me with this.

I am now going to attempt to get all these things together.

First up, oh man, resist it. Resist it!

Spread the butt cheeks.


I mean, create a gap between the rear skirts.

Now attach a large section to the back of the MS.

You can see I took off the long neck/head of the Penelope when I was working on attaching this. Once it was in place it was easier to reattach the neck and go from there.

Your V fins probably still look like this.

You can open them back up at this stage.

Then you can swing the neck down.

There’s a clear part over the sticker on the end of that neck which I failed to show in the last post.

Set him aside and being working on some vary large sections.

Slide the connector into the huge frame piece.

Now slide a yellow part into a gap in that frame piece.

It will sit there loose until you secure it with the next steps.

Add an equally large white armour piece.

That yellow part will barely be visible from this side once the white is on. So let’s cover even more of it up.

You’ll add a frame connecting piece and another white armour panel.

You can see that there are two potential positions to place that panel.

Now make two of these.

Add the blue.

And now you’re creating another monstrously large wing/panel.

The yellow on this one is huge as well.

You’ll end up with this.

The front section will use this connection onto a peg on top of the shoulder.

The rears have the peg and hole switched.


The Penelope cuts an imposing figure.

So let’s add a weapon.

It has its own grabbing hand.

Lastly, a stand to mount it on.

This is an impressively large HG.

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