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It seems like a formality with the MG Barbatos kit. I’ve almost got a completed MS here and yet it’s armourless. Adding the armour is the last step to finishing up the Barbatos and there’s not much of it. Because of that I’m going to do it all in one post to close this WIP out.

Chest Armor Unit

For the Chest Armour you start out by putting on the collar.

If you were doing this at the point the manual has it you wouldn’t be worrying about the head but still the manual has you pull the neck back to make the connection to the collar easier.

Next are the chest vents.

You will need to get these on in the correct position otherwise the next piece, the blue one, won’t be able to connect.

Those gaps in the white armour are there to allow the pins on the bottom of the blue piece to drop all the way into place.

And now I finally get to this runner.

Much better than stickers.

The side armour parts have both a tab and a hole that need to be lined up pretty precisely for both to fit into place.

Tab goes into a slot behind the shoulder.

While the peg is found just to the side of the vents.

Add the final piece, which happens to be blue, and your chest is complete.

Head Armor Unit

Facemask and chin.

Facemask goes on first.

Then the chin slides on underneath it.

Here are the parts for the sides.

That small yellow piece is tricky to get on.

Once on the white part fits on around it.

Final armour piece and V fin.

Right Arm Armor

There’s a part for the upper forearm, the front of the elbow, and the back of the hand.

Two parts go on, front and back, to the cuff.

Another armour part for the front of the arm and then the sides at the same time.

You’ll need this for the back of the elbow.

It slides on the and is held in place by two smaller white parts, one on each side.

You also add the larger shoulder parts here.

Once both sides are on a yellow part goes on from underneath.

Again, thank goodness for no stickers. You have a large pink part to lay into the underside of the bulbous shoulder piece.

Repeat for Left Arm Armor

Now you need to prepare things for both legs. Thus the manual has it listed as…

Leg Armor Units

Two of these.

And four of these?

Two for each leg. You can see the difference in peg positions which is relevant to which side of the leg you’ll be placing these on.

Two foot armours are prepared as well.

Right Leg Armor

Upper leg parts go on first, front and back.

Then the pink and yellow parts go on the leg frame and are covered by the long knee/shin armour piece.

Flip the leg over and place in the piece that goes just below the knee and then add the side sections to hold it there.

Slide a heel part up into the bottom of the heel and swing it up into its position.

Once in place slide a red part in underneath it.

The prepared foot armour then goes on from above.

Repeat for Left Leg Armor.

Almost there!

Waist Armor Unit

The red part goes on first.

Then a white part slide in with it.

Yellow parts will drop in over the frame for the front skirts.

And are covered up by white parts.

Three armour parts are all that are needed for the rear.

Construct and install the side skirts.

Here he is.

Add the already constructed backpack.

I guess I don’t need to worry about weapons block because those are done.

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