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Back when I was a bachelor…

for nine weeks, on a whim I picked up a new game called Death Stranding despite not knowing what it was about at all (did anyone?)

The game blew me away and I can’t get enough of it.

(Sshh. I sometimes take my ps4 to work and hook it up to one of my three monitors at my workstation and play during lunch. Shhh!)

There’s something about the game that has stuck with me. By nature I’m an introvert (though you wouldn’t know it looking at the almost 300 youtube videos I’ve appeared in) and this works for me with the long treks across a lonely landscape, the gameplay being about you managing cargo across these distances. On your own the whole time.

This game isn’t the best I’ve played. That title belongs to God of War but I’d put Death Stranding near the top alongside the likes of Horizon Zero Dawn and RDR2.

Like God of War there is going to be a Nendoroid of the main character.

Nendoroid Sam Porter Bridges looks awesome!


Look at all that stuff!

Careful in the Timefall, Sam!

This version is quite expensive so for those who don’t need all the packages the regular NENDOROID SAM PORTER BRIDGES should do you just fine.

Easy, BB.

There’s more Merch on the way in terms of Max Factory figures but the thing I’ve got my eye on is the Reverse Trike kit from Kotobukiya.

Being a model kit it fits the theme of this blog.

I’ll write more about Death Stranding in the future. Much more will be written. But it’s not a model so do I have to start a DS blog?

Anyways, I’m really hoping for a Kotobukiya kit of the truck!

Keep on keeping on!

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