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The MG FAZZ Ver Ka was a bit of an enigma right at the start. Instead of being slated for a big December release it was instead slated for February alongside the PG Perfect Strike. That alone was surprising but then Bandai also didn’t provide much in the way of details. On their website was only one image.

For the longest time that was the only thing showing on the MG FAZZ Ver Ka page. Sure I had experience with the MG ZZ Ver Ka but what should I expect with the Full Armour version of that kit? Seeing it at the recent Australian Gunpla Expo, and talking about it with the guy who assembled it for that display, I still didn’t learn too much about it as the kit for the Expo wasn’t the final release version.

Well, Bandai has updated the page on their website and there are many more images.

That looks cool.

That looks even cooler.

Oh what’s this? A stripped down full armour? I’m liking the colour.

Oh, now we’re talking! We can see just what this Full Armour is about. The ZZ Ver Ka was already a complex kit with a lot going on but now you’ve got that plus all of this.

And this!

And finally, a little bit of this.

And to top it all off we can see the signature Katoki Hajime kit box art.

This looks Sazabi-size!

Release is this weekend. Get your nippers ready!

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  1. Paul Emical* says:

    this is actually not the Full Armor ZZ but the FA-010A FAZZ, which was a test unit for testing the full armor form of the ZZ. The FA-010S Full Armor ZZ Gundam came later (the FAZZ was actually completed even before the ZZ). I must admit that the naming choices are quite confusing, anyway…

  2. Trevor Engbers says:

    The more I see of this kit the more I start wanting it. Starting to realize thicker MS are my favorites.

  3. Dev Bhaumik says:

    This one looks EPIC!!!!!!!. Please help me. should i get it or not?

  4. lupes says:

    this kit looks awesome! i didn’t care for it very much until i watched the demo video of the kit. after that, i was sold as all hell on the thing. might do it up in karaba colors to go with my Zeta and MG Nu! hope you enjoy the build!

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