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I hadn’t intended to start the MG FAZZ Ver Ka so soon. As I mentioned in the Second Look post (Yes, there is a Second Look post!) for this big kit I also had the PG Perfect Strike coming, only a week behind. I had really been looking forward to that kit (still am!) and had thought that I would be building the PG first. I was sure of it!

However, during that extra week with the FAZZ I would look over at the box, and the urge to build would grow. And then I’d tell myself to wait for the PG and decide. And then the PG came. And I had already started on the FAZZ.

Really, the decision was between two new kits which were variations of kits I had built before. When I looked at the FAZZ more closely I saw a lot of new stuff in there and my curiosity grew. And here I am. I originally thought that the WIP could made shorter by showing what was new with the FAZZ Ver Ka but the more I built it the more I saw that there’s a lot new and so this WIP will be longer than anticipated. Oh, the humanity.

It starts off looking the same. Here’s a shot of the manual.

And here’s a shot (of a scan) of the manual for the ZZ Ver Ka.

I’m using Q parts here and I had thought it was due to the colour but actually…

…the colours are the same. Here are the parts used in the ZZ kit.

And here are those from the FAZZ.

The shape is different.

Next manual comparison image.



We can see that there are new frame parts for certain areas. In this case, it’s the frame part used for the neck. Here’s the new frame runner.

A little further along and I use the new collar, from the T runner.

Continuing along I run into this situation.

Two Q runners. I’ve already taken parts from the Light Gray one and I’ll take some more here.

That looks like an almost completed chest. If this were the ZZ I’d be finishing up and moving onto the head.

But this is the FAZZ!

I’ve got missiles to install!

Grab my frame part and the red, missile part, runner.

Start installing red parts.

There’s a clear part, and stickers to go with it, to add.

Now for new armour.

Install the hatches.

And corresponding armour.

Interesting how some of these parts fit together.

A small part from this runner now fits on each side of this new torso section.

Then this armour slides onto the chest from the front.

You need to have the frame pegs for the arms angled slightly backwards for the best fit.

See! Nearly identical to the ZZ Ver Ka!

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  1. Iki says:

    I never understand why bandai has such a love for stockers that cover clear parts.
    Why even include the clear parts? Just mold the part beneath so that you can stick the stickers directly onto it.

    • 1427 says:

      I am guessing they are built as an option for people who wanted to avoid the stickers and paints their kits in mind.
      Paint the underside silver and the top part clear blue and you will have a lens looking effect.

      • Iki says:

        But why not make it like they did on the 00 line? Put the stickers behind the clear parts.

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