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I was so excited about the MG FAZZ Ver Ka kit that I wrote about how excited I was for the MG FAZZ Ver Ka kit.

And here it is! In my apartment. Only four days after leaving Japan.

The box is just massive, rivaling those of the MG Sazabi Ver Ka and MG Psycho Zaku Ver. Ka Thunderbolt Ver..

Like all Ver Ka kits I take some time to appreciate the presentation. Such as this cool image on one of the long sides of the box.

Man that gun is a beast.

On the opposite side are these images.

Beefy! And check out the details they want to highlight.

Taking off that big lid reveals the contents.

So many runners! So much plastic.

And so many waterslide markings!

Which will it become, guys and gals? 4, 5, or 6?

Right away I spot runners I’m not familiar with.

All those marked FAZZ are new runners.

After a little bit of digging around…

Note the cardboard spacer to help keep all these contents in order.

… I find runners I am familiar with, just in a colour I’ve not seen before.

Hello, old friend.

Manual cover image is sweet.

Opening it reveals even more sweet images across two pages.

And then comes the runner index.

Yes, X does designate parts not used and there are a lot of those.

And there is another page to the runner index which should surprise no one.

The center of the manual has an interview with Katoki Hajime in both Japanese and English.

We are spoiled!

This thing is just nuts.

Hyper Mega Cannon seems a fitting name.

The end of the manual has some neat nostalgia.

Flip that over and you get the marking guide.

Now that FAZZ is finally here I feel… anxious. And intimidated.

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  1. Trevor Engbers says:

    Dang two master grades in a row? Thinking about getting this kit too, so I’m really excited for this build and your eventual reviews of these last couple of builds

  2. Suicidemaniac says:

    God I’ve been staring at this box sitting behind me for 5 days while I’ve been finishing my MG Zaku Warrior.

    The old MG FAZZ was one my first MGs.
    This box is twice the size.
    I’m so scared.
    Hold me.

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