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When the MG FAZZ Ver Ka arrived I didn’t have as much time as I would have liked to go through the box thoroughly but I still wanted to give everyone who may be curious a quick look into it. Thus the truncated First Look post.

This kit is so enormous that I still don’t have the time, nor space, to go through things in as much detail as I would like to show but I did find myself with a bit more time. Not enough to build much, mind you, but enough to take a little bit more of a look at the box contents.

I’ve used almost the entire surface area of my dining table to open up all the runner bags and sort the runners into piles.

The pile on the right are the runners designated MG Double Zeta and are the majority of the runners in the box.

That should surprise absolutely no one.

The runners on the left are those designated MG FAZZ.

There are more runners here than I thought there would be when I first started going through the box.

And in the middle I’ve placed some things that aren’t designated for either.

You can see there is a PC runner as well as a plastic cable.

And then there are two more runners.


Generic Purpose Cable.

Okay then.

The stack of the Double Zeta runners is quite deep.

There are quite a few smaller runners in the pile as well.

I like this colour.

The left side, as I mentioned, is surprisingly deep.

With many very small runners.

Of course, there are some very large pieces in there, too.

And there’s this.

This is very glossy and bendy. I look forward to using this.

I wasn’t sure how I was going to approach this kit. Being based on the ZZ Ver Ka much of this build will be the same as we saw there and so I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go into much detail in the WIP for the start of the build and instead focus on the new stuff (weapons, etc) found at the end.

However, when looking at the very first page of the manual I noticed some big differences. The first of which is that the build doesn’t start with two Core Fighters. Those are nowhere to be seen. Instead it’s the chest that is the start of the FAZZ. And in that I saw what look like new parts used.

That says Q parts are used right away.

Looking at the Q runner…

It’s new.

So right away I’m using new parts in this build. Does that warrant a very detailed WIP? And what about this?

This is also a Q runner.
But the manual shows this.

I’m only using one part from this new runner? Hmm. I’m having flashbacks to the MG Sinanju Stein Narrative Ver and also the MG Deep Striker.

Then, a few panels down, I see another new piece is used.

T3. That’s definitely new.

Like I said I didn’t start any of the assembly. After sorting the runners and pondering what I was seeing and what it meant for the build I had the not so fun task of putting everything back in the box.

Just squeezed everything in there.

But the question remains. When to start and what to show.

There’s also another factor to take into consideration.

The PG Perfect Strike Gundam should be here by Tuesday.

February is fantastic! I’ll need that extra day this leap year.

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  1. Trifl says:

    Man this kit looks so amazing! Thanks for the content Syd!

    I’m not sure how much contact you had with Rrobbert184 but part of me would really get a kick out of knowing his take on all these new kits, especially something like this.

  2. Alberto from Italy says:

    A little guess if I can. The unused pieces on the new sprues will be used in the next release of the ZZ. Ithink it will be the standard and not test Full Armour ZZ, with all the transformation gimmicks as seen in the ZZ ver. Ka, and the new removeable armour.

    After the Infinitism Mazinger Z, Great Mazinger and Grendizer kits, I have become more than familiar with Bandai sprue recycling policies…

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