Gaijin Gunpla

It’s here! The GAT-X105 + AQM/E-YM1!

Doesn’t that get you incredibly excited? No? Would you be more excited if I referred to it by it’s common name, the PG Perfect Strike Gundam?

Of course you would!

For me, First Look posts are akin to Christmas morning when you are looking at the presents under the tree and all anxious about opening them. You may have some idea what’s under the wrapping but it’s a great feeling of discovery to open up that present yourself.

And what wrapping Perfect Grade kits have!

I wrote about Bandai’s presentation/packaging of PG Plamo with the PG Unicorn, ironically, at Christmas back in 2015. I wrote about how it seems Bandai makes sure to treat each aspect of the kit and release with utmost care and forethought. The PG Perfect Strike has that same care here.

Just look at the packaging to see what I mean.

That is a beautiful box image. That said, the back of the box is even more impressive.

That’s a well laid out presentation. You can see what you’re getting as well as some detail about different variations of the kit.

Remember, this isn’t just the Strike, it’s also the Aile Strike.

And the Sword Strike Gundam.

And the Launcher Strike Gundam.

It’s also all of them!

Perfect! That image is badass.

Seeing it here reminds me of the build off that I was asked to judge and I actually went back and reread that post prior to this arriving at my door because I was getting excited and the works of those three guys with the RG version of this MS always inspires me. Those three variations can also be found on the ends of the box and the top.

But enough about the outside of this box, let’s check out the inside! The contents, I mean.


Hey, silver parts! I see you!

The marking sheet doesn’t seem that big.

Maybe it seems that way in comparison to the one found in theeMG FAZZ which also just came.

I know what this is!

It’s big, that’s what it is. Those are some big parts there.

Oh, I know you, too.

Seems enormous compared to what I built with the RG Skygrasper Launcher/Sword Pack.

This is familiar as well.

Did the regular PG Strike have the eye piece on this runner, too?

Nice use of this plastic for the blades.

More new stuff!



Do not lose those!

I had pulled out almost one stack making up one half of the contents of half the box. I guess I mean, I had pulled out a quarter of the box’s contents. The last of these were these frame parts.

But those aren’t all that special. I just took them out so I could get to the bottom of the box.

What’s that hidden under there?

A base!

Bandai, you legends!

These are almost a necessity when building a PG kit. The fact that kits like the PG OO Gundam kits lack them still causes me to shake my head. I was worried this one would not have a base. Thank goodness.

More silver!

That’s going to add some detail to the frame. I see that these are brand new for this kit.

Now for the manual.

Aw yeah!

Mmm mmm mmm.

Runner guide, three pages as it should be.

Remember when the PG Strike was basically this?

Marking guide.

Back of the manual is gunning for you.

I like this layout here.

I am excited to get to this kit. Though I have built a PG Strike before it was a special version, the Aile Strike Clear Armor Version which was part of Bandai’s Gunpla 30th anniversary releases. That was 10 years ago! I’ve forgotten a lot of that build experience. Then again, maybe that is because I built the entire thing in one day! Oh, the craziness of youth!

I won’t get this done in one day. Nor two. Nor fourteen, most likely. However, I will get it done and hopefully soon. I do need to make the big (pun most definitely intended) decision on whether to get on this or go for the MG FAZZ.

Bandai owns this leap year!

That’s a really tough decision but I’ll need to make it soon so that I…

In all fairness, FAZZ was here first.

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