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The MG Barbatos is nearing completion. I’d be done if I hadn’t decide to build it armourless to start but Bandai gave me that option so I took it. I like doing things like that, if the choice is there, as it allows me more time with the kit.

The weapons won’t have different versions and so I’ll be done with these with this post.

And here is the sword.

It’s very simply one long frame part with a white part for a sword guard (Tsuba) going on down the blade.

I note the Japanese in the manual lists this as Tachi (太刀) which is the older version of the Japanese sword that predated the Edo Period.

Swords after about that time were predominantly Katana (刀).

Here’s his Tachi!

It looks more like a Katana.

Now for the big thing, his rifle. I’ll need this whole runner.

This runner is designated Barbatos.

The parts are fairly sizable and assembly isn’t difficult at all.

It can stretch!

Slide the white piece on from the front while another frame part is the tip.

Now for this, which I’m guessing is the barrel.

There’s sliding here too.

This plugs into a white part and into the other end of that white part you’ll join two longer dark parts.

This thing is going to be long.

Drop it into the body of the rifle and close it up.

A few more, smaller, dark parts go on including the scope.

It’s huge!

But don’t worry. It compacts into a much smaller form.

Once you flip the barrel over you pull it forward a bit to lock it in this position.

Now for the corncob! This takes me back.

Enclose that middle spike in between the larger parts including two of the four sides. The empty sides will then take more edges.

This middle spike can extend out the top.

And those other blades can come off and be used as a much smaller knife-like weapon.

And there we go!

I believe it is now time for Armour.

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