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So far the frame for the torso and limbs of the MG Barbatos have been very interesting and fun to build.

I’m now working on getting all those together to have the complete inner frame finished before I move onto adding armour.

The base of the waist frame is this piece and there are two smaller pieces that fit into the ends from below.

Once in they opening in those small parts points upwards.

But they are meant to point out to the side so they need to be turned down.

Next up are the parts which will connect to the legs and the piece that looks to be the front center block.

The two parts with the pegs for the legs fit onto a rod on the backside of that front piece.

This then fits onto the main section of the waist frame and joins with a piece for the center back.

There are more frame parts that make up the front of the waist.

The rear skirt frames slot in from the back and a final center piece is added at the same time.

Now I can do this.

And this!

That completes the frame for the Barbatos but there is more to build.

The backpack has frame parts in it but does not have a non-armoured version.

We start with two of these things.

The silver piston part is laid in and two sliding frame parts go one on each side.

Then the whole thing is covered by a white armour part.

You’ll next assemble two moving arms which will fit into the main armour part of the backpack.

You need to plug them in at the top and then pull them down, like so.

I found it easiest to get the grip I needed to do this by pivoting the arms up.

Set that aside a moment and get two white parts.

You’ll join them together and flip one up so that they are flush.

Now I need this runner, of which there are two.


This one actually mentions it is for the Barbatos.

I only need one piece from the two, however.

Once I’ve got that center section done I can join it to the bulk of the backpack.

I then need to slide the arms into a certain position and attach the piston-having side sections.

There it is!

Looks kind of like a rocket pack.

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