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I’m so close to having a complete MG FAZZ Ver Ka. Well, complete minus the weapons. Which are quite big. And a big part of the new stuff. Okay, I’m not so close but I’m closer.

More work needs to be done on the lower body.

And that’s good because it means I finally get my hands on this new, bendy runner.

Two of those black tubular things are joined together with some small white parts on both ends, in preparation for connecting to both the front and rear of the waist.

The white part inserts into an opening just to the side of center and slides down into the narrow part of the slot.

It is then secured there when you put the frame parts behind it.

Onto that round area at the top you’ll attach… another round thing.

Then open up the little hatch on the front center of the waist and plug this armour in while dropping the black tubes over top.

You’ll be trying to plug in the tabs sticking out of the smaller frame part in this new armour into the area created when the hatch opened.

Then you’ll slot in the white parts at the far end of the black tubes similar to how you did it at the front.

What’s this?!

A Core Fighter? That was the first thing you built on the ZZ Ver Ka. Section 1-1.

On the FAZZ it’s section 11-1.

Build is the same, though I forgot how small some parts were.

At this stage, however, I need to add some extra parts.

These parts have some plastic you need to be sure to cut away.

Move that big tail out of the way and then pull back the little section that locks the Core in place. Then drop the Fighter in.

Once in lock it down.

Prepare the upper body by opening up the area in the lower center of the torso.


Don’t forget to plug the tail into the back to secure it further.

While we’re here, allow me to show you the Double Beam Rifle.

Is this the same as the ZZ’s?


There’s a colour designation here.

I need the dark gray H runner as opposed to the light gray H runner.

It’s the same until you get here.

Then I use a new frame part at the back.

Then R parts are employed.

That new frame part allows the weapon to be mounted on the side of FAZZ’s right arm.

It’s pretty heavy for a heavy guy.

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  1. jangothebluefox says:

    in case you can’t tell there are enough parts to build two core fighters just like the previous version.

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