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No, that’s it. Just click the link to see where I finished off last time.

My MG FAZZ Ver Ka needs more work to complete the legs and that’s not mentioning all the new parts unique to the FA version of the ZZ.

I have finished the x 2 section of the leg construction so now we move onto the right leg.

That looks pretty similar to the ZZ.

Hold on!

I got an N piece here!

Need that white.

I remember this next step. Sliding the section that has the sides of the knee onto the legs from below. It was a really unique design element with the ZZ and seeing it here is a little titillating.

Next step for the FAZZ.

ZZ’s version.

Same kit!

Except, on the ZZ you add the hip joint and move on to the left leg.

Not on the FAZZ.

Now for some more Armour.

There are some big parts involved.

That huge white part is from the new M runner. I also need parts from the new L runner.

With the outside armour section done you clamp it on around the outside of the leg along with its counterpart for the inside.

And I finally get to use this!

Flip that open and plug in that connection.

The armour part for the front of the leg has some smaller, darker parts that need to go on.

Look at that monster!

Construct your hip joint and complete the leg.

Now do it again.

To get those two legs in position to support that beefy upper body we need a waist.

But there are some new armour pieces going on instead of what you’d expect.

But which colour?

There is a slight difference between the two ZZs in the front skirts. Can you spot it?

Oh. I’m using white.

But not those other white parts?

Insert the dark gray part at the specific angle needed to get the little tab found on the peg through it’s slot.

Then turn.

Connect to the back of the waist.

Now I’m finally building the wings found on the hip joints.

Wait, there’s a Q part involved here.

But you’re not done the side skirts. You need to keep going!

And then clip this new large thing onto the side skirts.

Interesting look.

But I like it.

Almost there.

I think…

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  1. Dev Bhaumik says:

    The front skirts have a little bit of an extension on the fazz as compared to the zz don’t they?

    • Damian says:

      Because that’s the part from the Enhanced ZZ. This FAZZ kit actually uses many parts from the MG Enhanced ZZ

    • jangothebluefox says:

      FAZZ is built on top of the Enhanced Double Zeta Gundam so it has all of the new parts from that version. like the shoulders, front skirts and the back skirt which as opposed to popular belief isn’t part of the Full Armor equipment.

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