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The chest build for the MG FAZZ Ver Ka kit turned out to be much more different to the ZZ Ver Ka than I had thought it would. It turns out this kit is going to be full of surprises, I think.

For example, the head. Here’s the FAZZ manual:

And here’s the ZZ manual.

The frame piece, the main part in the whole head assembly, is not the same.

Hmm. For FAZZ’s head I get to pull out the PC runner and some purple.

And remember the folding V-fins the ZZ had?

Not here.

Does this rule out transformation? I think it does.

He’s got a mean mug.

Onto the arms. Surely those are mostly the same.

Hmm. ZZ manual indicates…


I need new frame runners.

Which means new armour.

The top of the forearm uses the small parts the ZZ has.

No, wait, you’re covering those up.


Because of how the lower arm went together it means that the upper arm will need some new parts in the frame as well.

ZZ Ver Ka.

FAZZ Ver ka.

But the shoulder is the same.

Though the steps to do so in the manuals are different.

Still, I told you it was the same kit!


But different.



In fact I need a whole new runner which contains all the parts for these.

Once the arms/shoulders are done the ZZ has a lot more steps to complete the arm.

The FAZZ… not so much.

Add the hand.

Then a couple parts to the outside of the lower arm.

FAZZ’s left arm is different from the right.

Manual says the white armour part goes on like so.

It may take some finagling to get it in there but you’ll know when you do because it looks like this.

Look at this big bruiser!

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