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MG FAZZ Ver Ka upper body is complete.

Or so I thought.

If I was building the regular ZZ then I would be done. So says the manual.

But the FAZZ manual has an extra section here.

I’ll need some new parts.

There aren’t many parts or steps involved in these buffier shoulder coverings.

You have to clip the vertical oriented part onto the shoulder cover in two places.

The one for the opposite shoulder is the same except that clip-on part goes on the opposite side.

Slide them over the shoulders from the side.

Now I can move onto the lower body.

This looks identical to the ZZ’s lower body.

No, wait!

The part sticking out the back of the foot is longer on the FAZZ.

I’m sure, once completed and with his Uber weapon, he’ll need the extra stability. I guess if I don’t like it I can just tuck it in?

Speaking of longer parts, it looks like FAZZ’s toes are longer than ZZ’s.

No undergates on the FAZZ’s new toes, either.

Okay, the ankle structure is shared between the ZZ and FAZZ.

And it looks as if the frame for the lower leg is as well.

Oh, except for the very last part in the panel.


A small armour part slots in on the frame for the back of the lower leg.

Much different to what went onto the ZZ.

Pointiest kneecaps, ever!

More of the same stuff.

See! They’re the same!

And I have these white parts.

But I’m using light gray instead (for the back of the lower leg).

I do like these legs.

I remember being impressed by the design of the ZZ when it came the engineering for the various sections of the legs. FAZZ still impresses.

(because they’re the same!)

I also am recalling how long the ZZ build took due to the complexity of it. It’s still the same with the FAZZ even though I have experienced a lot of what I’m seeing. However, that means I’m trying to be diligent and pay attention to the differences. Time to stop for the night and pick up where I’m leaving off.

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