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This is it, boys!

The last, and biggest, piece of the MG FAZZ Ver Ka. This was the part that got everyone’s attention as soon as the first image was released, the aptly named Hyper Mega Cannon.

There will be some large parts here, but also some small parts in the way of the bendy black tubular parts.

And then it’s mostly just lots of large parts.

At least one of which will need a poly-cap inside.

You’ll also lay in some yellow.

Like building other MG weapons (rifles, bazookas, etc) you place some parts into one of the sides before closing things up.

Once the bulk of it is done you’ll add smaller parts in different areas.

And still more large panel parts (some with small parts).

Now for white parts.

Lever action!

There’s no action there.

Against the underside is a small bit of the cylindrical part.

An usually shaped piece from that bendy runner is part of an attachment.

This mounts on the side.

The other side gets the same kind of tube length.

Small white part.


It’s quite large.

It kind of looks like a pistol in this image.

There are some good articulation points in the handle.

As awesome as that is, it isn’t much use if it’s not mounted to the FAZZ so the next step is constructing the backpack. The first stage of this is preparing missiles.

And the place where those missiles will be contained.

Finally the white K2 runners are brought into the build.

These were used in the ZZ build however the top-most part is new, from the N runner.

And the last of the new frame parts are used here.

Thrusters are added to these.

Interestingly, the thruster and thruster inlay parts on the left are from the ZZ while the same pair on the right are from the FAZZ.

A moving flap is added once the thrusters are in place.

Then armour parts large enough to cover the frame go on.

One side will get the wing.

These parts combine to make…

I’m not quite sure yet.


Plug this into the tail sticking out the back of your FAZZ.

Then build the one for the opposite side and have it join.

Next it’s time to construct the cable. Remember these?

First you’ll secure one end of the cable.

And then you’ll put on 14, no, 28!, of the H2-2 parts.

That’s… all of them!

Here’s the first 14.

Yup, that’s halfway there.

When you get them all on repeat the process for securing the end.

And there you go.

Plug one end into the Hyper Mega Cannon.

And now I’m going to end on a cliffhanger.

And prepare for the review.

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