Gaijin Gunpla

I don’t do many High Grade kits these days. I’ve got a backlog of larger scales still to get through and less time to do it. Still, sometimes one comes along that makes me step back in and the new HG RX-78-02 Gundam (Origin Ver.) is one such kit.

This kit looks almost identical to the Master Grade which came out in 2015.

Wasn’t there a second version of that MG though? A Special Ver.? Indeed there was and in fact I have it sitting down in my storage cage. One day I’ll bring it out. Along with my MG Force Impulse. One day…

Box art is great and the sides of the box show some good images of the Grand-daddy Gundam and get your juices flowing.

You can see that you’re able to build either the Early Type and Middle Type of the RX-78-02 with this HG and can switch back and forth between them with a little parts swapping.

This HG looks intriguing thanks to the amount of detail and the gimmicks but the runner still fit into the HG sized box we are used to.

There is a good amount of frame parts here.

And a nice amount of markings.

The manual shows you how good this kit will look, in either variation, and points out some of the differences between the two.

The RG Evangelion Unit-01 DX Transport Platform Set and this (and something else) arrived here at the same time which puts me in a dilemma. Which one is first?

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  1. Bocalt says:

    And there i am hoping for the late type with purple eyes and yellow v fin …

  2. Trevor Engbers says:

    I vote EVA, but really do it in the order you want to do. We’ll all enjoy all of it either way.

  3. ZetaNewtype says:

    I bought two of these to make both units. I can’t wait!

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