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The MG FAZZ Ver Ka seemed it would be a ZZ Ver Ka on steroids. After building it I still feel that way about it sometimes. And though these kits are very similar there’s plenty of novelty to the FAZZ. Still, I think they’ll always be linked together. And rightly so.

Being based on the ZZ this review will have many similarities to the ZZ Ver. Ka Review and some of what is there may be repeated here. However I’ll try to go into plenty of detail when it comes to the new aspects the FAZZ has.

Overall Look: 10/10

ZZ! On steroids!

The ZZ is a pretty bulky boy and yet he looks slim compared to his Full-armoured brother. The extra armour laid overtop the shoulders, chest, waist, and legs (though just the front of the leg) fattens this guy up. Just look at how thick these legs are when viewed from the side.

While the bulk can make him look a little slow and stiff you can’t deny the presence this kit has. And even though he looks large and flat in some areas, those Katoki details are still there. And the view from behind is magnificent.

Colours: 10/10

The colours of the FAZZ are a big contrast to the traditional colours used on the ZZ and yet I find myself really liking them. I find I like the purple the best (though Bandai designates it as blue) and it’s used well throughout the bulk of the kit. Using this colour to line the thrusters allows it to cover more real estate on the kit without it taking over the scheme.

And there’s a nice touch of green, found right on the chest, by way of a cleverly designed and placed sticker.

Weapons: 10/10

That’s it right there. That’s the big draw. Funnily enough, when viewed like that it reminds me of a futuristic ray gun which would be held by a single hand. That’s definitely not the case with this Hyper Mega Cannon.

To mount this huge thing to the kit you’ll need to pull out one side of the the missile launcher pods on the back. (Did I mention there are Missile Launchers? I’ll get to that.)

Then you’ll insert the base of the Cannon, slotting it in smoothly.

That monster weapon can’t be used yet. You’ll need to remove one section from the FA shoulder. Slide off the FA shoulder construction and remove the rectangular section.

With that part gone you can slide the shoulder armour back on and then lower the boom, I mean cannon.

At this time you also connect the cable from the Cannon to the back of the kit on the rear skirt.


You’ll also need the gripping hand part to get him to hold that handle though that’s mostly for aesthetic reasons as the Cannon connects and sits very solidly and doesn’t need that support from the arm.

Outta my way!

The grip for the Cannon can be tucked away and hidden.

Various parts along the top can move.

I feel like I did a disservice to the other weapon this kit has, the Double Beam Rifle.

This was the big weapon on the ZZ and here it’s relegated to secondary status, and that’s being generous. Though it’s the same weapon as found in the ZZ kit there is one difference in the form of a single frame piece that sits at the back.

This part has the hook that will slot into the connection found on the back of the right forearm.

This allows the FAZZ to wield this without the use of its hand.

Unfortunately, though the FAZZ does have the same (or very similar) Beam Sabre handles the ZZ has, we aren’t given the two beam blades that came with the ZZ

Instead, he has missiles! I’ll get to that.

Articulation: 7/10

With the extra armour protection the FAZZ loses a lot the articulation the ZZ had. I was quite impressed with its articulation and expected the FAZZ to get close but I was surprised and how much range of motion was lost.

The knee doesn’t bend much anymore.

And the ankle really doesn’t move at all.

Even the arms, which appear less bulky than the legs, don’t really move much.

And I guess that’s okay. However, I did have more problems position this kit in some wider leg poses than I anticipated. Even with the extra support found in the heels which use a new part to add some length back there.

The new design for the beam saber handles mounted on the backpack do have a lot of swing still.

Where I was most, pleasantly, surprised when it came to articulation was in the base of the Hyper Mega Cannon.

This design features several joints and that allows the base to position the weapon at different angles.

Build Design: 10/10

Much, if not most, of what made the ZZ so special for me, the engineering utilized in its transformation, is here in the FAZZ. However, maybe even unfortunately, it’s not really used. The chest assembly, for example, is pretty much the same but the head design doesn’t use the same moving parts for the V fin and thus the chest can’t transform. Nor is it meant to.

Other areas which featured prominently in the fantastic engineering on the ZZ, such as the legs and forearms, have seen the design changed and new parts used rendering that section of the kit unable to transform. And that actually increases the impact of the kit. There’s a lot of new, neat design stuff here.

And then there is the new Full Armour. It’s not just a few panels that lay over top of what is already there. Instead they’ve designed it in such a way that it can store missiles.


The chest has two panels that open revealing more than enough weaponry to settle a score.

There are missiles hidden in the left forearm.

And a whole boatload hidden in the, now larger, upper backpack.

Open those up and this thick kit gets even thicker.

Fun Factor: 8/10

When shown the first image for the FAZZ was released I was, like I imagine most Gunplars were when they first saw it, excited. Another monster Ver Ka MG! Those have been some amazing or, at least, exorbitant kits that left strong impressions. The FAZZ Ver Ka looked like it would do the same. However, as release day got closer, I found myself getting both excited but, at the same time, hesitant. Do I really want to build another ZZ Ver Ka with more parts? I had thought most of the build would be a repeat. Well, I was so happy to see that much of the build was entirely new. There were enough areas that were different from the ZZ in some way, or greatly different, that there was a feeling I was building something new.

The only thing I found unenjoyable, and I’ve touched on this before, was all the extra parts and runners that aren’t used that I had to sort through looking for what was. There are so many unused parts, and in some cases almost whole runners, that I felt frustrated. I’ve said my piece before and I won’t get into it too much here but it is something that impacted my experience with the kit and so I’ll just leave some images of the unused plastic I will have to do something with.

I can at least be satisfied that, should I want to, I have the parts to build the second Core Fighter (I think).

And if I wanted to not feel like these are wasteful I guess I could try to build myself a ZZ Ver Ka in the FAZZ colour scheme. I may have all the parts I need. But still.

Extras: 7/10

It’s a Ver Ka kit so that means plenty of waterslide markings (though I still feel Bandai should include stickers for those who aren’t confident when it comes to decals. You’re given markings for the Full Armour ZZ And the weapons and you’re also given markings that can go on the regular ZZ if you take off all that extra armour.

Hands and adaptors are here, and you’ll need them!

And if you keep the Hyper Mega Cannon mounted (and who wouldn’t do that) you’ll have yourself an extra missile pod.

So there you go. The FAZZ Ver Ka is a worthy contemporary to the ZZ Ver Ka.

It will be up to personal preference which people decide to pick up (unless you’re one of ones who will end up getting both) but you really can’t go wrong with either of them.

I think for me, I prefer the ZZ due to wanting to be able to experience the amazing transforming design, but the presence of the FF has left a great impression on me as well.

ZZ or FA ZZ? That is the question (and I hope I have answered it adequately).

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  1. Trevor Engbers says:

    Okay now I cold be wrong, but I think I can answer the part about missing beam Saber blades. Though they look the same, on the FAZZ, just a testbed prototype they are beam cannons and not sabers

  2. Mark B Simpson says:

    You can 100% build another core fighter, it’s frustrating and bizarre the instructions do not tell you that. There are however only enough decals for one (which, if one is inside the body all the time, it hardly matters).

  3. Alvin says:

    How strong are the joints and how resistant are they to wear and tear (including erosion caused by gravity)?

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