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I guess I’m staying at home in order to ‘flatten the curve’ and ‘reduce the spread’ of the Coronavirus. That sounds important. And it is, but really it’s pretty much a regular night for me because I don’t get to leave the house much with two young children here (and a wife who doesn’t like me leaving the house because there are two young children here).

It occurred to me that the first portion of the build of the PG Perfect Strike Gundam will be pretty much the same as that of the PG Aile Strike Clear Version I built eight and a half years ago and I could just refer to those posts to show the build.

But that wouldn’t be much fun. And it’s not like I don’t have time now to show this build. Also, there are several differences in this new Perfect Grade Strike and the PG Strike Gundam released in 2004. I’ll show the build and also highlight the differences.

One big difference; English!

And I’m glad to see that Bandai has included a listing of the runners used in each section so you can prepare yourself.

You don’t realize how handy this is until it’s not there. I know I usually spend a lot of time during the first half of the build just identifying runners and learning which is which.

This kit’s frame parts come in what looks like a gun-metal colour.

As someone who has painted his share of Gundam frames in Gun Metal, I am down with this.

First up, I get to us parts from that beauty silver runner.

I’ll be taking some small parts off of here to act as pistons in the foot.

Then I’ll be assembling what is essentially what would be a poly-cap if this was any other grade. Rather than one PC part into which you plug in the peg at the bottom of the leg, here you have a frame part for that purpose and around that you’re attaching both frame and PC pieces.

This is then laid into a larger frame part and closed up.

This, in turn, is placed between even larger frame parts with some PC parts used at the connecting sites and include a front foot portion that you prepare.

Just the foot frame gives a sense of the scale for this big, 1/60 kit.

Add a bottom.

Around that frame I’ll add the first of the armour parts, these being red.

Then I’ll get to the front armour.

With the white part dropping on over top the foot is complete and I turn my attention to the leg frame and… a die-cast piece!

I forgot all about these!

Lay one into the large frame part that will serve as the knee, along with some PC parts.

Into the other side you’ll lay parts that look like they could be PC parts but instead are frame parts.

Back when I was assembling the PG Strike Freedom I discovered this design of one PC part/one frame part involved in moving joints and it intrigued me. This kit being much heavier than other grades it needed the resistance in the joints that the frame part provided.

The knee frame completed frame parts are added to the top.

Some of these frame parts are levers that sit inside of the frame of the upper leg.

Onto those levers I’ll snap on a silver part covered partially by frame.

I’ll then place frame parts around the exposed ends of those levers as well as large ones at the bottom of this unit.

The levers inside the frame allow the smaller frame parts that go on the front and back of the upper leg to move.

And now for these.

These look new! Manual says these are silver plated.

But they don’t look as silver plated as parts I used at the very start, from the O runner.

It appears I’m using parts from this runner instead of parts from one of the PG Strike frame runners.

These silver pieces are part of the kneecap frame construction which goes on at the same time you’re totally covering the levers in the upper leg with the front frame parts.


There are some flaps, and other, to add here.

And then the task is to prepare some frame and armour flaps which will go on either side of the leg just above the knee.

This runner is now used.

It looks like it is from the original kit, yet…

It’s technically new. This runner designation was found on the definitely new PI runner.

What is the difference here? That’s the question.

I’ll explain in more detail later on. For now, with the upper leg frames done it’s time to take a break before I move on.

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  1. Ray says:

    Always wanted a perfect strike to add to my collection, probably master grade though, i should’ve picked up a PG Strike when i had the chance, no room now 😀 The extra details and weapons look amazing, i am jealous of your backlog haha!!

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