Gaijin Gunpla

Part 1 for the PG Perfect Strike Gundam showed a lot of assembly but still only half a leg so here we go with Part 2 (and hopefully a completed leg).

The upper leg is done so what we’re doing here is the bottom leg. I’ll need this assembly for that.

It fits, along with a couple of other frame parts, into the large frame part which is the bulk of the lower leg.

And another multi-piece connection piece is next.

It connects to the bottom of the lower leg.

Around it you’ll build the ankle frame.

You’ll add a peg to stick out each side of that.

Now for two frame parts that run alongside the sides of the lower leg.

These will snap on at the top of the lower leg and then the bottom loops over the peg at the ankle.

A silver-plated ball joint is added next.

It goes on at the back near the bottom of the leg.

And then the ball part of it is covered by a single frame part.

And more frame parts, of course.

The completed lower leg than plugs onto the peg at the bottom of the upper leg.

Now’s the time to start adding armour and it involves a new runner.

With those first armour parts on we get to connect the foot to the ankle. You need to line up the silver pegs.

I found it easiest to do this by removing the white armour on the top of the foot and giving myself more space to work.

Now for ankle armour frame.

The ankle armour is new and instead of one piece uses a second silver part.

Finally, I can assemble the hip socket.

Before plugging that in I’ll need to get out this new armour runner.

I need only the armour part for the back of the upper leg.

Oh yes.

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