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What’s this?

A Real Grade kit that isn’t from the Gundam multiverse?

I know. It’s a little difficult to comprehend but Bandai has decided that their RG line will include not only Gundams. I guess the precedent was already there. Back in 1997 Bandai released a Perfect Grade of the EVA-1 from Evangelion and there’s also been Master Grade releases of Patlabor kits. Still, it deviates from what we consider normal in the Real Grade line. Nonetheless, it being an RG kit I definitely wanted to build it.

And now I can.

I present to you, the RG Evangelion Unit-01 DX Transport Platform Set.

It’s worth noting that this is a big box RG, similar to the Sazabi (can’t link this kit too many times) and FA Unicorn kits, for example. Let’s take a moment to look at the sides of the box.

Despite it’s smaller scale it looks like there is a lot going on with this kit. We shouldn’t expect anything less from Bandai’s latest RGs.

Popping off the lid I can view the contents of the box.

That marking sheet!

Yup, this is a Real Grade kit.

And, it being a Real Grade, I’m interested in that RG Runner.

Wait. That’s it? I find myself more intrigued, not less.

Without any RG runner frame parts it means that I’ll be doing a lot of assembling to put both the frame and then the armour all together.

There’s a good amount of frame parts here from the look of things.

And a dash of colour.

And a whole lot of green thanks to this kit including the Transport Platform.

Special effect part is pretty trippy.

The manual is presented differently than with Bandai’s Gundam kit.

Sure it looks the same on the front. And the back.

Um, and the runner guide.

But when it comes to the sections showing assembly there’s differences in the colours used and the illustrations.

It’s a 27 page manual so there will be a lot of assembly happening.

And I’ll show it all!

And I will also show the leaflet included in the box, if anyone’s interested.

Best RG EVA! So far…?

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  1. Trevor Engbers says:

    This thing is pretty big, just a touch shorter than the MG barbatos from one comparison I’ve seen. I’m glad to see you’ll be putting it together, I’m very interested in the new Eva real grades

  2. Ferdinand says:

    This kit rlly want me 2 listen 2 “Cruel Angel Thesis” while Building it

  3. raj haraniya says:

    Does it have an inner frame

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