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I do love me some Final Fantasy. Really love Final Fantasy.

So I was incredibly excited when they announced, what seems like a millennia ago, they were remaking Final Fantasy VII, a game I loved as a young adult.

I was also super anxious because Square’s record over the last decade hasn’t been stellar and they’ve had themselves some flops and some controversy.

That didn’t stop me from preordering the Deluxe Edition of the game, though. Because, how could I not?

The release date was pushed back from March 3, 2020 to April 10, 2020 but then it, unofficially, moved up again in some regions due to the Coronavirus outbreak. In order not to see delays in eager fans getting a hold of the game they shipped early to some areas and Australia was one of them.

So on April 1st I called the store where I had placed my preorder and asked when it would be arriving.

“It’s mad here, bro!” was the reply on the other end of the line.

The release date is still officially April 10th and Square has urged people not to spoil anything so while I’ve been playing the game for a week now I haven’t shown anyone anything. If I’ve done this right this post will go up on 12:01 AM April 10th and I’ll have followed the rules.

So let me show you some great stuff!

The Deluxe Edition from Ebgames comes in a thick cardboard sleeve, the back of which shows you what you get in there.

The game itself comes in the regular Blu-ray case though this one houses the two discs.

The game is 96 GB but interestingly I didn’t have to install off the second disc. It must have downloaded that material while the first disc was installing. The cover sleeve can be flipped over if you want the front of your FFVII Remake to have the logo artwork only, the same as the cardboard Deluxe Edition sleeve.

It also comes with a Steelbook collector case.

That’s a nice image of everyone’s favourite villian.

It also came (comes?) with a Mini Soundtrack.

When I went to import it into iTunes that program couldn’t find any information for the disc so I had to edit all the tracks and album inputting the titles myself. It’s a mini soundtrack but it’s soooo good.

There’s also a mini artbook.

Nice cover.

I won’t show the entire thing because the things in the game are best discovered on their own for all the fans out there but I can share some images that don’t give anything away.

I won’t write anything about the game, story, plot or other because, even though we know the story from 23 years ago, I want anyone who comes to this game to experience it all firsthand themselves. I’ll share some images though.

Fire up the game and see this.


And then this.

Years I’ve waited for this!



The game is gorgeous (though I think Death Stranding is still the best-looking game on the PS4 currently) and I can’t stop taking screenshots. I think I’ve got about 150 images so far and I don’t think I’m that far into it.

I’ll share some images but in order not to spoil anything too much (as I’ve said before) I’ll put them in random order so people won’t know what comes before or after what. Enjoy the game everyone. Let’s talk more about it later after we’ve all spent a good amount of time with it.

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  1. Jimmy says:

    I have seen the gameplay. Seems pretty cool.This sure brings back memory. I get acquinted with FF VII after the movie. Then the game in PSP crisis core? Owh and there is also that game during ps2 about vincent…? (still haven’t got the time to finish that game) Enjoy the game…probably should get my copy of this game…

  2. Savvi says:

    I’ve been playing this game as well, really great looking, though, once you get out of the top plate into the Slums, the game start to look rough around the edges. It still looks fantastic but it feel like all the detail got left out in the slums. alot of the NPCs are just not that good compared to the playable characters.

    Fantastic game.

  3. lupes says:

    I got this the day it came out but have stalled out pretty hard in the later chapters…I think you’ll enjoy the trip though, the gameplay is rock solid and the game is definitely a great blend of my favorite parts of FF13 and FF15. Enjoy your time with it!

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