Gaijin Gunpla

The PG Perfect Strike Gundam may be thought of as an older PG with some new attachments but when news of it was released Bandai did make a point of indicating that there would be new parts on the MS as well. Just how many new parts we would see was the question. If you go through the WIP Posts you will see the new aspects of the Mobile Suit but I thought it better to make a post specifically comparing the old and new areas so everyone can see just what Bandai has done to revamp one of their best Perfect Grade kits.

I have assembled this bad boy armouring only one side of the body because I like to see PG frames as much as possible but it also allows me to go over the armour once more for this post.

Here he is.

I’ve also found the battery I needed for his LED!

Like the instruction manual I’ll be starting at the bottom and working up.

The Legs.

There are no new parts on the feet except for the ankle armour.

For all images going forward the new parts are on the left while the old are on the right.

The knee frame has new silver parts to replace the old frame pieces.

With them on their is a slight glimpse of the silver at times.

The sides of the lower leg have two new parts for the side and also a new part that they join with at the front.

And the upper leg features a new, slightly more detailed, piece at the back of the thigh.

The Waist.

The waist has a new design for the front skirts. Instead of just one part there are two armour parts with a silver part to place underneath.

The rear skirts are the same and so are the side skirts for the most part except for the one part that is the hatch.

The Torso.

The torso is possibly the most interesting section of the MS when it comes to the use of new parts. Bandai replaced the center armour piece with a much different armour and silver combo.

The same thing applies to the movable blue armour parts that are on both sides of that center area. In this case, there is a new blue piece as well as two silver parts to go with it.

I would like to report that I had no assembly problems on my second set of these armour areas. Before throwing it on I’ll show how these move.

Love this part of the kit!

The Head.

As for the head, two very small silver parts replace the vulcans on each side.

Here is where Bandai really redesigned things. Aside from the red parts, the yellow V fin, and the armour part that covers up the back of the head and access to the LED slot, all armour parts are new!

I’ve already shown the new facemask and crown.

The side armour parts for the sides have more detail.

Oh, I did get a shot of the Light up eyes.

That’s awesome.

On the same runner as all those new head parts was a new standing pilot figure.

He’s on the bottom here.

The Shoulders.

Here you have another case of replacing one armour part with a new armour part along with some silver.

The Arms.

The arms are the same accept for a two sections. One for the front of the upper arm and one for the lower arm. Both include a silver piece.

I admit to not picking up on all the new details when the initial images of this kit were released but now, having assembled it, I can see just how much has been redone. He’s even better looking than he was before!

I wonder if I have all the parts I need to make the old version…

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