Gaijin Gunpla

I got two legs for my PG Perfect Strike Gundam but nothing to do with them. Let’s get this waist together. Other than the head this is the part of the build that goes together quickly.

There are some big parts here to begin with.

The third and final die-cast part is used here (along with other smaller parts) and drops into a frame part that will be the center of the large frame.

Two moving parts, which will be in the back end, are constructed here and put into place.

The frame parts which the skirts will snap onto along with a part to lock the hip joint in place go on after the largest frame parts have been joined together.

Now for the skirt armour. Be sure to grab the correct runner.

Hey, I just noticed I have two standing pilot figures.

Front and back go on first.

Now for the newly designed front skirts. You can see that instead of one large armour part I have several and a silver part to fit in there as well.

That looks great.

Rear skirt however doesn’t look to be redesigned to use more parts.

Side skirts have a new part; the panel that swings open.

I’ll stop there. I am not ready to reveal the entirety of what I’ve constructed so far.

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