Gaijin Gunpla

Hot on the heels of Part 3 of the PG Perfect Strike Gundam build comes Part 4 wherein I get that beautiful torso.

Mr. Pilot takes his seat.

Once he’s secured in there build the cockpit around him.

Prepare the frame parts that will house that cockpit.

You’ll need a couple clear parts.

Put together the neck and also what will be the connection to the lower torso area.

Put those in along with the cockpit and you’ll have the center of the chest frame done.

Shoulder pegs.

On the top of each is a small blue armour part and to the bottom you’ll attach a double silver piston piece.

The pegs fit into another frame part and that part also houses the frame part that receives the pistons.

When closing that up you will add another couple of pistons, these being inserted into a poly-cap part.

This gives you a whole separate section of frame assembly that will attach to the main area by inserting and dropping down.

Now add a hatch.

And the collar.

Now for the frame for the lower torso.

You’ll be inserting pistons when connecting this.

Now for…


I need this new runner.

But only the blue parts right now.

The armour part for the center of the chest will have some silver.

As will the two blue areas to the left and right of the center of the chest.

This is quite tricky.

You lay in one frame part and then another goes in overtop connecting to the underside of the blue piece as it slides in. You have to have the angle correct otherwise you’ll just bend the tabs that are there for the connection. I did just that and was worried repeated attempts would break the tabs right off making assembly impossible. I trimmed off corners of the tabs hoping it would make everything easier.


Now I can connect it to the frame part that is attaching to the side.

Add the armour parts to the side.

Then the blue parts that go on front and back.

Now I can add the parts to the Strike’s back.

And there we are.

As you can see I’m rocking the half-naked look. There’s a reason for this (besides wanting to look at this great PG frame as much as I can).

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