Gaijin Gunpla

Part 5 of the PG Perfect Strike Gundam is the head. This will involve an LED assembly but other than that there’s not much complicated going on here.

I finally get to use this runner.

Specifically this piece.

Frame parts and red front piece are from the original Strike kit.

But the side vulcans are new.

Well, I guess they’re the same as the old ones but these new ones are found on the small silver runners.

Find that small yellow bag that contains the LED parts.

It’s a Perfect Grade but the work in here is small.

Place the LED unit into the frame parts and give it its lid.

I’ll need a CR1220 battery.

Where can I find one of those in Australia? I don’t recall seeing one in the local shops. Guess I have to look around. This means that I’ll have no LED lit shots in this post.

Close the lid and screw it down finishing up the (empty) LED unit.

Slide it into its home in the head and put the frame piece on that holds it in place while allowing access to the switch.

While the frame parts for the head were old it looks like the armour parts here are all new. Here’s a shot of the armour for the crown of the head.

New piece (left) compared to old piece (right).

You can see there are more details on the new part.

Likewise with the facemask.

Put the clear blue part in that new crown piece and put it on before adding the sides.

New (left) vs old (right).

New V fin works perfect (of course).

There is a lot more detail on that head.

I’m almost done the body. I can now move onto the next part, the arm…

The weapons?

This is surprising.

At a glance I don’t see anything here that indicates new parts are involved. But I do remember how this rifle for the PG has a trigger.


Those weapons were done quickly but how much will they be used considering all the new weapon-type stuff still to come with this kit?

I guess I need arms before I can worry about wielding new weapons.

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