Gaijin Gunpla

The PG Perfect Strike Gundam build threw a curveball at me in Part 5 when I found myself being instructed to assemble weapons before assembling arms and hands with which to hold and use those weapons.

Here in Part 6 I get to assemble the shoulders and arms and finalize the construction of the Mobile Suit part of this big build (kinda).

The first thing to do is assemble a little flap that will sit on the end between the front and back of the shoulder.

Then set it in the shoulders along with the socket for the peg and a poly-cap part and small frame piece.

Now this is new.

Rather than just put on one armour part on each side you’re constructing an armour panel from a new armour part and its companion silver piece.

They function the same way the original Strike’s did.

Plug in the large frame piece that sits atop as well as two more armour parts that fit on around the end of the shoulder.

And there we are.

I don’t recall how the original Strike’s opening panels held up but these new panels seem quite fragile and will pop off the connecting frame part rather easily.

Move on to the arm construction starting with the section that will slide onto the large peg.

The arm consists of several smaller frame assemblies fitted into the larger frame parts. It is a Perfect Grade after all. You’ll start with this small one.

It fits into the frame parts for the upper arm along with the Poly-cap part that will hold the arm onto the shoulder area.

Now to build onto that.

Another small assembly is next, this one for the lower arm.

You can see a plated piston part is involved. There’s also the PC part that will house the hand ball joint in there too.

Once that’s done you slide a frame part over both the exposed pistons.

Pic to show the movement of that assembly.

Another section to assemble.

There’s moving parts in here as well.

Once done you connect the two frame assemblies that make up the lower arm by sliding small pegs, one on each assembly, into their corresponding openings.

You’ll then add two pivoting frame parts onto the back.

We can now start adding armour, first to the lower arm.

Above those parts you slide in a PC part the is wide enough to go around the width of the arm and you’ll connect a frame part onto the end of both sides.

Those frame parts will click in when swung into position.

Put armour on them and at the same stage connect it to the elbow frame assembly.

Now make your PG hand.

Next is the new stuff for this PG. Similar to what happened on the shoulders, rather than put on armour consisting of one piece here or there you’ll make one by joining a new armour part to a new part on the silver runner.

One of these will go on the lower arm and another on the upper arm while the last armour part for the back of the arm is the regular Strike part.

With that all done, things should really get interesting now. There’s a lot of new parts to go through.

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