Gaijin Gunpla

Now that I’ve shown the difference between the original PG Strike MS and this new PG Perfect Strike Gundam I can continue on with the build and the all-new aspects of it.

We are going to look at construction of the Sword Striker parts with this post.

We’ll also need the stand.

I want to reiterate my praise of Bandai here for including a stand with this kit. All PG kits should have a stand in my opinion. The fact that the 00 PG kits don’t is a travesty.

Stand is the same one that comes with the PG Skygrasper.

Plug these holes with.. smaller holes?

There’s a part that can snap onto the rifle so you can store it here.

Likewise, there’s a part for the shield.

But, hold on.

I can’t use the shield here if I wish to use the Panzer Eisen?

I’ll be assembling that now so let’s see what is up with that. Here’s the runner list for the Sword Striker.

And the prominent runner.

There’s a PG runner in my PG kit!

Start by assembling the armour panels that will fit around the shoulders.

As well as the section that will fit on the end of the shoulder between them.

Then the spiky blade handle that sticks out of the Sword Striker shoulder.

I believe this is the Panzer Eisen that was mentioned earlier?

There are two parts to it, the top which was just shown and then this next one.

You’re making a claw-like thing for the end.

They join together simply but are quite secure.

So to continue this I need some parts from the shield.

Those would be I-26 and I-27. I guess I should have paid more attention to the manual when assembling the shield.

Nah. I love the Strike’s shield and would have done nothing differently.

My shield looks sad now, though.

Your sacrifice will not be forgotten, Strike Shield!

Most the blue parts on that new runner have been used with the shoulders and Panzer Eisen so now we move on to the…

…Shwert Gewehg.


Add some white parts to the end of what is going to be the handle.

On the end of the length of the blade add a white sharp point.

Close it up.

Add some much smaller, comparatively, parts to the hilt area of that monster blade.

A another small frame part goes on a near the tip.

Now for the…


Grab one of the large sides of the backpack and lay in all the parts before closing it up.

Then assemble the arm that will connect the Backpack to the Sword.

This thing is huge!

Wait. I forgot something.

I need to make only one of these things.

It has its home sticking out one side of the top of the backpack.

For those hoping to see this thing go on the Strike I am sorry to say that you’ll be disappointed here. I’m waiting on that to do a bit of a Perfect Strike reveal to close out the WIP.

Don’t worry, we are a third of the way there.

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