Gaijin Gunpla

I’ve shown the Sword Strike parts for the PG Perfect Strike Gundam and now I’m going to show the Launcher Strike portion of this build.

That means I get to grab a brand new, and quite large, runner.

Whereas the main runner for the Sword Strike parts was blue this one is a dark green.

Grab some large parts and a much smaller red piece from the new multi-coloured runner to build the main section of this area.

Locate the new large, round red part on that multi-coloured runner and lay that in between some green parts.

You’ll then be joining the two things you’ve just assembled together.

Another red and green part go on the other end.

Now for another new, dark green runner.

The runner, as a whole, isn’t bigger than the one shown previously but it does have some large parts on there. Those will come off shortly but first use the smaller parts, and some yellow.

Two large green parts are then brought in, along with an equally impressive yellow piece.

Plug the fin contraption onto the shoulder unit.

More details continue to be added starting with the gatling gun.

Certain parts have to be aligned a very specific way for this all to come together.

That Gatling Gun pops on to the front but don’t neglect the back.

This thing is large.

Now to move on to the…


Start with some small parts.

That will pop into the end of a very large part.

Inside these long, large parts certain places will need a poly-cap like frame part.

And into the front end you’ll lay in this T shaped frame part.

Other parts are put into position before closing it up.

But there is still a lot of work to be done. The butt end of the Agni needs some attention. Like the final step on the Sword Strike, here with the Launcher you’re adding these white pieces.

Along the length of one side more green parts, some quite long, are added. Included in this is a handle.

Down at the front there are some trim parts to go on.

Moving to the other side you are asked to insert a clear blue part into a larger green part.

It’s not easy to line this up nor is it easy to check if you’ve got it inserted fully.

You need to have it all the way in though because another part will slide int here securing the clear blue part in place.

You’ll then add the grip for the handle.

That will go on near the rear.

Like the previous side you’re also adding more green and some trim parts.

Another scope type of part will go on here.

Then at the tip you’ll add some parts to that t-shaped frame part.

Those moving frame parts won’t stay in place so flip them up and then slide on yellow parts.

Now for the machine arms to move this massive thing.

On each end there is a piece that allows movement. One side has a pivoting frame part that will have something built around it while the opposite end is just a ball joint.

Another moving connection is assembled and this goes into one end of a second moving arm.

Now for the Backpack, Launcher Strike style.

The manual says to join two dark parts together then slide a clear blue part into position between them. I say place the clear blue part in first then join the two dark parts.

Same process is repeated again but the dark parts are shaped differently.

You’ll then assemble the main, middle, section of the backpack.

Then the side sections are added to complete the whole thing.

Like I did in the Sword Strike post (Pt 7 of this WIP) I’m going to stop at this stage of the Launcher Strike and save the details of making your PG Strike into a Launcher Strike for a little later when I can do a bit of a grand finale for this kit.

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