Gaijin Gunpla

Launcher Strike portion of the PG Perfect Strike Gundam was last time.

Now it’s time for…

The Aile Striker!

My favourite of the three.

A lot of parts will be used here so suggests the manual.

This recognizable runner is part of that.

But not all of it!

The Aile Striker section of the build just might have the most new parts though they look like the old parts. Here’s a new frame part compared to the old one which will stay on the runner.

Though the part is new the design is not so assembly is the same.

These moving assemblies fit into both sides.

The red parts that fit onto the rear are the same but the black parts you’ll be adding to the sides look like they are but they’re not.

And here’s the new black parts.

Compare the first one with the old.

The red parts don’t need to be revised.

The second new, large black part.

These parts are new as well.

The two parts on the right, used to attach the wing to the Aile body, are new while the rest of the parts are of the old design.

This runner has a bunch of Skygrasper parts on it but I’m only using small clear parts.

That wingspan!

Put a couple poly-cap pieces into this frame part.

Assemble what looks like an engine.

Assemble some fins.

Then house that engine in black and red parts and add a fin to both the top and bottom.

Put together what will be the front of this whole thing.

Repeat for the opposite side.

More work to be done on the midsection of the Aile Striker.

It is housed in white parts.

And it’s going to be longer than the original kit’s Aile Striker.

This next section is all new. We will need four of these assemblies.

These are Battery Packs.

And there are four of them.

Stack them up.

And let’s add the Beam Sabre handles.

We have what we need.

Let’s save it for the final post of this kit. That will be Pt 10. A nice round number.

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