Gaijin Gunpla

I’ve got a limbless HG RX-78-02 Gundam (Origin Ver.) kit here.

Let’s rectify that.

Here are the frame parts for the arm/elbow joint.

That bottom part looks to be new for this kit.

White armour parts go on around the frame from the sides rather than sliding on from the top or bottom.

Now for shoulders.

It is here that the reason for my choice is shown.

Bars on the shoulders. I don’t know why that appeals to me so much. It just does.

That means I’ll need part 20.

Sorry number 19. Maybe next time.

Once the shoulder is done attach it to your arm, putting in a spacer first, and also add the hand.

This is the left arm and if you’re going with the Early type you’ve got one more part to include.

I definitely chose the simpler build.

Add stickers to the elbow areas.

Right arm has you choose a cuff depending on which Type you went with.

Now for the feet.

These are interesting. There is a small frame part that fits in underneath the white piece and into that part you’ll plug in the red, toe part.

This allows a bit of movement where, in most HGs, there is none.

For the leg, you’ll assemble the knee joint and then the upper leg and hip socket are assembled to join it.

The lower leg armour parts house the ankle frame piece. There is also a small hatch part, with thruster, that fits in there.

Once joined together you can see how everything fits tightly together in this small space.

And how things move when the knee is bent.

The ankle armour is three parts instead of once. Those smaller circular parts get a sticker.

You’ll add the lower leg armour before plugging in the ankle armour. That connection is a ball and socket.

Then you can add the foot.

This guy is small but he looks quite good.

We’ll finish the build off with the weapons.

I’ve gone with the Early Type version of this guy so I’ll be using the Early Type rifle.

I kind of like that bulky look.

I’ll assemble the Middle Type as well.

There’s only one version of the bazooka.

Likewise for the shield.

And here’s the lot.

Everything feels so tiny after spending weeks putting together a PG.

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  1. Josh says:

    I actually just finished this kit today and built the early type. But I don’t love the cannon. It’s super loose and falls off constantly. Tempted to super glue parts of it so it doesn’t move as much. The cannon is on a peg that when posing or putting on slides around and doesn’t really stay in very well.

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