Gaijin Gunpla

Having finished the PG Perfect Strike Gundam I’m switching to the opposite extreme and going from a 1/60 scale PG kit to a 1/144 scale HG kit.

That’s a huge difference but I’m hoping the HG RX-78-02 Gundam (Origin Ver.) can impress me like the recent larger kits I’ve been building.

This kit allows you to build either the Early Type or Middle Type. That’s going to be a touch choice.

Start the build by preparing the back by putting in the jointed neck.

Then the shoulder sockets.

Already I have to decide?!

Which should I go with?!

I’m going to go with the Middle Type, mostly because I like the bars on the shoulders.

Having made my choice I need to assemble the lower torso.

Put that with my Middle Type middle.

Check out the bend you get from that neat lower torso design.

Now another choice, but this one isn’t between Early or Middle types. It’s a choice between open or closed shoulder weapons.

If you’re going with open you need a very small, #18, part from the frame runner.

I think I’ll refrain from using the open shoulders for now.

Oh wait, the opposite shoulder is a choice between Early or Middle.

Having already made my choice I move on quickly.


I chose the Middle Type at the start but it looks like the Early type gets all the good stuff.

Like a backpack-mounted cannon!

Here’s my cannon-less torso.

I stand by my choice.

Here’s the head.

Add the small stickers.

And the, again small, V-fin.

This is quite the contrast from working on a PG.

I forgot how unsightly those V-Fin tips look on HG kits. I have to fix that.


I don’t have much time left but this is an HG so I can get the waist done easily.

Get the frame parts.

That leg pegged part is interesting. You don’t usually see those on HG kits.

This will mean more articulation at the hips similar to an MG kit. That’s a feature I don’t make enough use of.

Rear skirts are one section rather than two independent skirts.

The front skirts are typical HG and you can keep them together or cut them in the middle so they are independent.

I’ll just leave as is for now.

The side skirts are each one white piece.

Next time, the limbs!

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  1. Limerick says:

    Limb biscuits? Lol
    Joking aside, hope you and your household members stay safe during these times, Syd.
    Backlog might actually be done!
    Blessing in disguise.

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