Gaijin Gunpla

Assembly is complete.

At long last allow me to present to you the PG Perfect Strike Gundam! I was saving the reveal of the various forms for this post.

Sword Strike Gundam

First we will look at the Sword Strike which was shown on the packaging with this image.

We transform our plain old strike into the Sword Strike Gundam by first putting on the backpack.

Onto that we plug that giant sword.

Then we move to the left shoulder and open it up, removing the small frame piece that covers the opening in there.

This part will fit into that space.

Closing the shoulder back up secures it in there.

Onto that piece we drop on the armour part that sits above the shoulder.

Then we put the front and rear armour parts around the shoulder.

Plug in that spike/blade handle.

Let’s add the Panzer Eisen to the left arm by opening up the frame parts back there.

Then, like you would the shield, fit the connecting parts of the weapon into that space and once in closing the frame parts of the arm back up.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Sword Strike!

Move the Panzer Eisen to the side of the arm by swinging it out and rotating the main frame part.

Let’s turn our attention to the blade.

Extend the tip.

This creates the space to insert the long effect part.

He’ll need sturdy new hands to hold this thing.

Remember there is this thing in the box.

That goes with these two small parts.

One on each end. Pop off the claw portion of the weapon and plug in the wire.

Open the claws.


There was quite a bit of stuff there.

Launcher Strike Gundam

This guy, if you remember, has a giant rifle mounted on his right side.

Like the Sword Strike we open up the shoulder and insert a piece in there. This time it’s the right shoulder.

You can see the pegs on there. Those line up with the holes found on the underside of the shoulder Gatling.

The Launcher Strike has a different backpack.

To that backpack we attach that monstrosity of a weapon.

Similar to other kits with weapons attached to a swingarm on the backpack, such as the Barbatos, the arm unfolds and the weapon swings to the front under the armpit of the MS.

It’s here that the new hand can grab the handle. I found it easier to pull off the handle part and put it in the Launcher hand first.


The end of the weapon can extend and open.



Behold my laundry!

The shoulder mounted Gatlings extend, though it feels frail and I’m wondering if I did something wrong in there.


Now we’ll make the Aile Strike which is done by, well, just plugging on that giant birdlike thing we assembled recently.

This thing is heavy and moves the center of gravity on the kit backwards making it lean back.

Bandai actually gives you something to deal with that.

It’s a small piece that will fit on at the back of the lower torso preventing it from bending backwards at that spot.

It still wants to lean a little to the back so I adjusted the angle of the stand.

This guy needs to fly!

Let’s follow it up with the Aile Striker which is done by just attaching the big weapons to the Aile unit and mounting everything on/around both shoulders.

Unplug this.

And unplug this.

And plug them onto this.

You get it.


Bandai did a great job making something old feel new. Sure there are some parts that aren’t used here including most of the multicoloured runner from the Skygrasper.

I’m still keen to spend a lot more time with it. I’ve yet to try this post.

But I’m also feeling I want to strip him down to his basic Strike form again. This new version of it feels almost perfect.

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  1. Ray says:

    “Let’s follow it up with the Aile Striker which is done by just attaching the big weapons to the Aile unit and mounting everything on/around both shoulders.”

    I think you meant ‘perfect strike’ there….

    Nice review as always.

    And i’m jealous!! 😀

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