Gaijin Gunpla

Yes, the PG Unleashed Gundam, as mentioned in the previous post lit a bit of a fire in me and I’m burning to be building again.

I still don’t have the more recent kits that have been kept away from me due to a pandemic and those kits include two Master Grades and an RG. I would love to be building that RG but instead I’ll work on the RG that I have had here since before the Pandemic started, the RG Evangelion Unit-01 DX Transport Platform Set. It’s much different than what I’m used to doing with Real Grade kits. Combine that with the rustiness I feel having not built in six months and I am feeling like a beginner again.

How do you read the instructions, again? – Don’t worry there’s English now!
How do you write about Gunpla, again? – I’m hoping it comes back to me…

Dive back in with me!

Oh, that’s right. Real Grade kits come with lots of stickers.

I’ll start with the torso and hopefully it eases me back into things.

This RG doesn’t have what used to be standard in the form of the flexible, pre-molded B frame runner so the entire frame will be made up of small parts from multiple runners.

Along with some colour, of course.

The Eva-1 is long and lean and many of these parts are small. That was just the neck area. Now it’s time to build the torso.

Make sure you’ve fitted this area properly.

Then put it aside while you work on more frame and the only part from this transparent red runner.

You’ll then join the two frame sections along with the first of the purple.

Ooh, lime green.

These Eva mecha have the craziest colour schemes.

You’ve got to make sure you align these moving frame parts when closing things up.

Then add the purple parts.

Next step involves a design that I recall from the MG Full Armour Thunderbolt kit. Plug it in one specific way and then flip it around locking it in.

This build has a third part that slides on once the moving part is flipped around.

Wait, we are doing this again?

Three times overall. To move from one set to the next you’ve got to have things aligned properly.

Check your work.

This next step seems to be adding the hip region.

Need some leg pegs for that waist.

This section has two moving peg parts, one for each leg obviously, held together by two more parts.

It then slides into the hollow of the waist loops and is rotated slightly to lock in.

Back to working on the upper chest.

The two side parts that fit on the pegs on the main part pivot around the upper torso once the center part is put in place.

Here are what look to be the shoulder joints.

And what’s this?

Looks almost like something you’d see fitting onto the front of a Gundam.

Nope! On the Eva-1 it goes on the back.

But you’ve got to move some stuff out of the way first.

Once it’s there you can put them back.

Now for…

…this thing.

Red part fits into the purple part then the ball joint on the green part fits into its place underneath in the purple part

But the green part has to be aligned a certain way so the metallic looking part can fit correctly and close it up.

Once it’s close you swing the green part around and add another purple piece.

This then fits on the torso by two ball joints.

Now you can start armouring up the lower torso.

And the crotch.

Then the spine.

And there it is.

Not bad for an old timer, eh?

I feel young again.

PSA, there are sections of the torso which can move.

How’d I do?

5 Responses so far.

  1. Jack says:

    Welcome back!!

  2. lupes says:

    Glad to see you back at it Syd! The Eva is looking great too. It’s always nice to build something that isn’t a Gundam to keep things fresh every now and then.

  3. Kamille says:

    Welcome back! Very unique kit indeed

  4. XenoIrish says:

    I just finished this kit and it has me much more interested in the RG line of gunpla as a whole. I was very impressed with the main mech part of the kit, and even though I found the 7 pairs(!) of hands a little excessive the molds were all just perfect for what they were supposed do do. And the parts molded in more than one color blew my mind. Makes me wonder how far away from not having to paint the black around Gundam eyes we are.

    My only complaint was that the stand/base was a little lackluster in comparison and that I couldn’t get the Eva to “lock” into it at all for the life of me, but that could be something I did wrong. Can’t wait for the rest of your articles on it.

  5. Lung says:

    Welcome back indeed ! Hope things have been getting well for you.

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